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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by jinxed_nz, Apr 24, 2008.

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    Okey so I have a bit of a problem and hope you guys can help me. I assume most of you are alright on computers so you wont have trouble :cheers:

    I recently D/L real player... i no, i no, its a **** ass product that should be left alone, but i had to get it because my university uses the real player format for all its video files. So i got it because i needed to watch some video lectures from my laptop. However the stupid software doesnt seem to work well on my Vista lappy. I get the sound but the picture doesnt show up properly. Now thats no big drama, i just used my other PC which is XP and plays the video's fine. But i uninstalled real off my lappy and im guessing it must have changed the defult file configurations somehow because now I cant stream podcasts off the net. Normally id be able to click the link and it would play instantly through media player, however if i do that now it always just tries to save the file to my HD. So if i wanted to listen to say... TRF podcast (which i would rather :wall: then listen to, no offence haha...) it would force me to download it fully then play it. THATS A BIG ASS PAIN IN THE ASS!!!!! So is there anyway i can return it to normal? I hope so ive written this massive shittly written post for nothing lol.

    BTW i have gone into the defult program configurations and put media player back as the defult for everything, yet it hasnt changed anything.

    BTW(2) dont get offended by the podcast hassle, i just dont find listening to brittish rugby supporters talking about crap for an hour that interesting, basically because i dont take much interest in watching NH rugby unless its international. GO WALES!!!!!! :bravo:
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