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Commentary from the Cardiff vs Sale game



Did anyone watch the Cardiff vs Sale game on BBC 2 Wales?

Anyone wonder firstly why this game was only shown on BBC 2 Wales and not on BBC 3 or BBC 4? I can understand it not being shown on BBC2 in England (only just) but not why they had to show repeats of Dog Borstal or The Real Hustle on BBC 3 when a game of rugby which the BBC must have paid a fair bit of money for was being played?

The other thing that really frustated me was the commentary. Yes Sale were ****, the result isn't my issue. But knowing that the game wasn't beening shown on anything other than BBC 2 Wales could the producers not have had some forsight and maybe brought along 1 English pundet? I mean there biased and then theres what was said at this game. I believe at one point a commentar said when Lee Thomas scored, 'well if anyone was to score against the blues i'm glad it was him'. It went on all night.

Fair play to the blues they played much better rugby and we didn't use our strength in the scrum to any real gain.
welcome to what it felt like during the enitre world cup, luckly it was more balanced over the rest of the weekend. it was on bbc2 wales so theres always going to be home bias. not defending it , just the way it is.
I think bias during a world cup can happen during those matches as normally as I mean, say USA v England, I would hope ITV would be a bit biased as it doesn't affect any of there viewers.

But when its perfectly obvious that as its the only place both Cardiff and sale fans will be watching the game then it different imo.
It is a shame that this happens, because international rugby commentary is generally much better informed and informative than football. Let's just hope the surge in people wanting to watch rugby makes ITV/BBC show more on national TV, and less breaks when they're covering a match on 5Live.
Did anyone hear the leinster v ospreys commentary a few weeks ago on bbc radio wales? was like listening to three blokes in a pub after a few pints!

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