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Congratulations C A Iversen and Amy Iversen



<div align="center">Just wanted to make a public Congratulations to you both on your new arrival...

So Congratulations to your Both

on your Beautiful Baby Girl

We all at the TRF wish you all the best...

And I believe Craig is now the biggest winner from the weekend...

and Well Done Amy!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

</div><div align="center"> </div>
yeah congratulations, good to meet ya on friday and hope all is well back home, hope you have finally had some sleep!
Well done mate... i'm pretty emotional here... what would happen if my kid were born...
nice work there chyea boy!

hey if its a daughter hook me up in 18 years, i got your back
Thanks very much guys, it's humbling that you guys have taken the time to post about this, and I really appreciate it.

I honestly don't really know what to say. Whats it like finding out your about to be a father, when your trapped halfway across the country on another island? Well, it's exactly like every soppystory that you didn't want to hear the end of from some other recent father. It's hard to get perspective on it really. I mean so much happened that we could never have planned......

Here I was just having landed in Wellington, and dobrien7, Andrew Horton and I were approached by Woosaah at the baggage claim. Our fellow mod was instantly easy to like and talk to. We went straight from there to pickup the tournament king-in-waiting, Gay-Guy.

Now GG, I can tell you straight away this guy is a class act who you have to meet to appreciate. Theres something about him that is not like his TRF self, something intangible that makes him a hard-case to be around. He's got this world-weary school-teacher/video gaming maniac/sly-talker at the clubs kind of thing going that makes him an instant hit to hang round with.

Later we were all at Danny Bullen's and we met him and Spawn. Hospitable and easy-going is only where it starts with these dudes. I can't begin to describe Danny's house. It's a wall-to-wall gaming experience, thats all I can say.

So anyhow, after semi-aclimatising to the large screens, I decide to have a nap, seeing as I'd been up since 2.20am that morning. Then I wake up to dobrien7 saying that I have to check my messages urgently. He sounded nervous for me, and I ran up the stairs. When I found out what was going on in Invercargill I was literally in shock. I couldn't plan my way out of this one.

Not without Danny's lovely missus. She helped me to get the only flight that I could and get me on my way, and I mean like fast.

What had happened is that Amy had sudden and massive surge of blood-pressure that caused everything from her internal organs to her brain, skin and everything with blood in it to swell. They were going to airlift her out of Invercargill to Dunedin and I had to get there as soon as I could.

Well, after organising the flight (which was only as far as Christchurch, there was nothing closer and that was still nearly 300k away) then a car, we left with the fastest controlled driving I've been in, being driven by Danny. He was awesome. There was no time to stop in at Woosaahs to get my gear as we didn't have much time to get to the airport for the last flight to Christchurch for the night.

Anyhow we got to the airport and I gave Gay-Guy a hug goodbye (he'd been along for the ride supporting me like a mate), then it was a mad scramble of things to get me on the flight.

Anyhow, a lot of other stuff happened, like hitching a ride through past Ashburton and then co-ordinating with Amy's Cantabrian parents via text to meet them and get to Dunedin.

So, I finally got there, and ran into the hospital about 8hrs after being in Wellington. There I found my wife looking all over like a puffed up balloon. She turned over to me and told me that I was a father. That we had a little girl. It was too much to take after all that had gone on and I sort of lost it with the tears.

Our very little girl arrived into the world 10 weeks early! She's in Neo-natal intensive care, and I'd almost lost her.......and my wife. I don't really believe that any man could not have shed some tears.

Anyhow I went in to see my little girl and the paedeotricians (don't care if spelt that wrong), were awesome in letting me know that things had a very high probability in working out fine with her. When I saw how tiny she was (and I've seen lots of babies), I was once again in shock. It didn't feel real.

Amy and I had a talk and we gave her her name...Kimberley Amy Iversen.

Over the next 36hrs a lot happened and things re on the improve. I won't have my little girl or my wife home with me for nearly 10wks. As long as they are well.

I have so much more I could say, but I'm really tired.

I'll talk to you all again, and remember what I was saying about the TRF Guys, they were all fantastic guys in real life and I think if you ever do yourself a favour, make sure you go to the next tournament, even if you don't play. I consider them all personal friends now, you would feel the same if you met them.
I was personally hoping you would let us name your baby again... but, oh well.

Well done, soon you'll be able to field a Sevens team of Iversons.
looks like we have a K A Iversen who is going to be joining the boards in a few years!!

incredible story, incredible.
Congrats big guy on the new arrival, You know how i said i would have a drink for ya on saturday night well i think i celebrated a little too much for ya LOL.

But no Congrats
Mate what a story!

I was surprised I missed you as much as I did once you went....especially considering the fact that I had only just met you. However you seemed a very likeable guy and it was a real shame that your time in Wellington was so short. However nothing could have beaten an awesome tournament as much as becoming a daddy so well done mate!!!!

It is good that TRF NZ may be growing beyond the walls of cyber space and to be quite honest this has to be put down to you Craig. You were the one who finally got things on the road for the tournament to happen and even though you had to leave early I could not help but think while the wekend was going that we had you to think for being the instigator of the events that conspired for us all to meet. This looks like the beginning of things to come (Danny/Spawn are coming up on Labour Weekend to play Bully the Guru and they want me to come along too) where TRF NZ will have real life networks around NZ. Danny has invited us all to pop in and stay over the "dream house" anytime we want to come to Wellington.

So it seemed a travesty that on the eve of the tournament starting it would be you of all people leaving. It almost seemed surreal like....

What I am trying to say Craig is that we who remained at the tournament are grateful for every minute of the time we were there because none of this would have happened if you had not started it. Your proactivity pushed for TRF NZ people to finally meet together at an event.

So thanks mate...thanks for everything......and most of all it seems you have recieved your reward :cheers: A baby girl is a waaaay better reward than any trophy for a job well done!!!!!! :cheers:
Well done bloke and I wish you and your missus the best for the past, present and future.
Just back from Dunedin again (for 5 minutes). Thanks again for all the posts. I'm going to print them out and take it up to Amy on Friday. She'll be so awed by this.

I myself will be back on tonight. Talk then!

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