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    I posted this in another thread, but I thought it may deserve a thread of it's own. (Perhaps pinned [​IMG] ) Any additions/suggestions would be welcomed [pm or email]. I will try to keep this post as up to date as possible editing as needed. Here is a listing I made for a FAQ I'm working on, let me know if it needs additions or tweaks. All controls are based on the Xbox version:


    A ...................... A button
    B ...................... B Buton
    X ...................... X Button
    Y ...................... Y BUtton
    Wt ...................... White button
    BL ...................... Black button
    L Trigger................. Left Trigger
    R Trigger ............... Right Trigger
    L Thumb .................. Left Thumbstick
    R Thumb .................. Right Thumbstick
    B,X ...................... B Button then X button
    B+X ...................... Push B and X button at the same time

    .:.Offense without ball.:.

    L Thumbstick - Move player
    L Trigger - Select player closest to the ball
    R Trigger - Sprint
    A - Dive for ball
    Y - Soccer kick when near ball
    B - Jump to catch ball
    B - Tap and Run
    X - Tap and Run

    .:.Offense with ball.:.

    L Thumbstick - Move player
    R Thumbstick - Special moves (see Running w/ ball)
    L - Select player closest to the ball
    R - Sprint
    A - Dive/Score Try/ Hold to Punt
    B - Pass right (*)
    X - Pass left (*)
    B,X - Dummy pass to right side
    X,B - Dummy pass to left side
    Wt (hold for power) - Up and under kick (direct kick with L Thumb)
    Y (hold for power) - Grubber kick (direct with L Thumb)
    BL - Attempt Drop goal (Direct with L Thumb)

    (*) You can determine what type of pass you want by how long you hold the button. A normal tap will produce a basic pass. Holding the button will produce a skip or long pass. Quickly tapping the button (before the player even catches the ball) will produce a quick pass.

    .:.Running with the Ball .:.

    All the special moves are controlled with the right thumbstick. For the purpose of this example assume you are on offense running Left to right. All these moves take a bit of time to pull off so do them early.

    R Thumb Right (or same direction of movement) - Shoulder Charge
    R Thumb Left (or opposite direction of movement) - HandOff/Stiffarm
    R Thumb Up (+ perpendicular to movement) - Sidestep Left
    R thumb Down (- perpendicular to movement) - Sidestep Right

    The diagnals will give a combo of the 2 moves:

    North East (UP+Right) - L Sidestep + shoulder charge
    South East (Down+Right) - R Sidestep + Shoulder Charge
    South West (Down+Left) - R Sidestep + Handoff
    North West (UP+Left) - L Sidestep + Handoff


    L Thumb - Move Player (tackle)
    L Trigger - Select Closest Player
    R Trigger - Sprint
    A - Diving Tackle / dive for ball
    B - Jump to grab ball
    BL - Defensive touchdown of ball (22 M drop)


    A - Bind Player to Ruck/Maul
    L Trigger - Pass to Pack on Left side
    R Trigger - Pass to Pack on Right side
    X - Pass to Backs on Left side
    B - Pass to Backs on Right side
    Wt - Pickup and run Left
    BL - Pickup and run Right
    Y - Pickup ball & Kick (direct with
    L Thumb)
    Click R Thumb - Hands in Ruck
    Click and Hold R Thumb - Kill Ball (Prevent other
    team from recycling the ball)(*)

    (*) Watch out with this move. While effective it's also illegal and
    may produce a penalty.


    L Thumb - Push/Rotate Scrum
    R Thumb Left/Right - Aim Feed Left/Right
    A - Feed ball into scrum
    X - Initate set play and Hook ball to your side
    L Trigger - 8 man Pick Up on Left side
    R Trigger - 8 man Pick Up on Right side
    B - Scrum half pass
    Wt - Pickup and run Left
    BL - Pickup and run Right
    Y - Pickup ball & Kick (direct with L Thumb)
    Click R Thumb - Collapse Scrum (Results in Penalty)


    A - Short Throw
    B - Medium throw
    Y - Long throw

    D Pad Down - Que first Jumper
    D Pad Right - Que Middle Jumper
    D Pad Up - Que Far Jumper

    Basicall it's either A+Down, B+Right or Y+Up. Timing is everythign to winning/stealing lineouts. If you want to start a maul pass to the A reciever. Works well for Lineouts near the goal line.

    .:.Set Plays.:.

    Set plays are called by hitting the corresponding button on the D pad. There are 4 main plays:

    Up - Dummy switch
    Left - Classic
    Right - Pivot
    Down - Pocket

    All these plays are based on the icon above your scrumhalf's head being solid green. This means all your players are in position and the play has the best chance of running correctly. Once a set play is picked icons of the buttons will appear above players heads. Hit the button of the player that you want to end up with the ball. The computer will then control the action untill it passes to that player, then you take over again.

    Up .:.Dummy Switch.:.

    this play is pretty straight forward. Flyhalf dummies the inside center and then switches with the corresponding player. So if you hit x(Outside center) he dummies the inside center and switches with the OC.

    Left .:.Classic.:.

    This set is actually 3 different plays depending on what button you press. You have to hit the corresponding players button rather quickly, so think of what you want to do beforehand.

    Y - Flyhalf chip and chase (Flyhalf kicks a chip kick down the field) [aim with L thumb stick]
    X - Switch with inside center (1-2 switch)
    B - Skip pass to Outside center (1-skip 2) Not sure if FB come in on this play or not forgot to check

    Right .:.Pivot Play.:.

    1) Hit B to pass the ball out the the flyhalf and icons show up above everyones head.
    2) Hit the corresponding button of the player that you want to finally end up with the ball.
    (At this point the computer is controlling the action, so just let it do its thing for now. )
    3) The Flyhalf passes the ball to the inside Center.
    4) The Inside Center passes the ball back to the flyhalf (sorta like a loop, but not quite).
    5) Now the Fly half will pass the ball to whatever button you pressed earlier.

    So it's basically a 1 Loop 2 and the button you press determines who will end up with the ball.

    Down .:.Pocket.:.

    This isn't a play so much as a formation. It will position your flyhalf behind the pack to protect him. Used best when kicking for touch
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  3. GarVanNeath

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    Cheers, this will be most useful when I get the x box version when it comes out in the UK (18th March ?).

    It Rugby 2005 much better than WCR or JLR ?
  4. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    Years ahead of both combined.
  5. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Anyone got the full PC controls?
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Morfious......Ninjapirate disputes this and says we only have to run into the player with the left analogue stick. I am confused [​IMG]
  7. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    Morfious......Ninjapirate disputes this and says we only have to run into the player with the left analogue stick. I am confused [​IMG] [/b][/quote]
    You just run into the player with yer' left analog stick, it will be a regular tackle.

    No confusion here, I am 100% correct on this.

    No other buttons need to be pressed / angled (stick).
  8. Morfious

    Morfious Guest

    Either running into the man or using the R Thumbstick will work. I think using the stick works like the madden hit stick and gives a harder hit. The training manual states that you use the right thumbstick to tackle, but whatever works I guess.
  9. Gay-Guy

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    Excellent. So three tackle options, dive, hit, or safe
  10. dtwelvenz

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    i heard bad things about the xbox controller but after seeing the layout i am relived sounds like it will play well. not long to wait now
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