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Correcting the kits in R2005... on PS2?



Was lookin into PES4 and the work being done online by guys who wanted the correct kits for the unofficial teams from PES4 ... the English, French, German leagues and the other european/south american teams included in the game.

They've been able to take the data from the PS2 dvd for PES4 and work with it on PC to alter/correct info within the game (I think its been possible to enter correct commentary names and remove reoccurring players aswell as correct the kits) and then re-burn the DVD for playing...

Now all this requires you to be able to play back-up versions of your legal version of the PS2 game using the numerous methods available online (not that I supoort these methods of course)

Has anybody thought about this or considered it for Rugby2005 apart from on the actual PC version itself? or has anbody tried it for the PS2 version of PES4?
Dude, I'm actually a rocket scientist, but I keep that stuff at the office.

When I'm at home, I like to unwind and not think about work whilst playing my PS2 . . .
Originally posted by Muse_Cubed@Feb 18 2005, 12:23 PM
Eh, the PC version wil probably be easier to edit.
I'd presume so...

... but I never get sports games for the PC anymore only ever strategy and FPS...

... I keep reading reviews of games that come out on PS2 / Xbox first and then ported to the PC and they just aren't the same quality, I seem to find the gameplay holds better on the console for certain types of games (maybe its just me)

... added to all of this, I can't play my PC whilst lying in bed of a weekend morning and the 17" monitor just isn't the same as my 32" widescreen...

... I've already got the kit needed to play backup games on the PS2, to have a fiddle with PES4's kits ... so I thought I'd look into it for R2005
Fair enough, I've got a cube, great console except few sports games. I use my PC mainly for shooters/flight sims/sports/strategy and my Cube for RPGs and stuff.
I made a thread on this a while back on the old rugbyforum, about slide cards, flip tops, mod chips and patching before WCR came out.

You need a few programs (isobuster and dvdscan2 off hand but there are more) Someone will need to create the right files to overwrite the current ones. there was a big guide on forum.pesinsight.com about patching your PES and re-burning to CD (not DVD) You should check that out, but in any case I don't see anything happening like that for rugby 2005.
the kits will be easy to edit , log on socceraccess.com , that page has created a very easy way to edit the fifa's 2gk kits with a program called kit raptor(if rugby has the fifa engine , i think it has be the same...) . with that you update the kits only with a created picture of the kit you want to be there....just select your team , the kit (away , home or gk and voila!)

this is for pc only , but i think it's must be almost the same for ps2 , only with the burning stuff that Hypnotised said

*sorry for my bad english

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