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Does anyone out there have this, and more to the point, wanta 2 player co-op on Live?

I can't find a single sodding user online.
Not for the first time. Seems to be working again... As he types that it goes on the fritz again.

f***ing f***.
Mite, everything is connected into the 360 fully, included the power pack?
Have you had the 360 on for a long period. If so, turn it off for a hour then try again. After the hour & still no joy, then a phone call to Microsoft is needed. :(
Going through the full online help bit, being...

Xbox 360: The screen freezes
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Article ID : 907586
Last Review : April 25, 2007
Revision : 7.2
When you play a game, use the Xbox Dashboard or the Xbox Guide, or wait for the console to start, the screen may freeze. You do not receive an error message. No lights flash on the console to indicate a problem.
Note If you receive an error message, this article is not about the problem that you are experiencing. Search for that specific error message in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
1. Restart the console.
2. Consider whether the issue has occurred more than one time. If this is the first time that you have experienced this behavior, the issue may not occur again, and troubleshooting may be unnecessary.
3. Determine whether the Xbox 360 console is well-ventilated and is not near a heat source.
• If the Xbox 360 console is in a poorly ventilated location, turn off the console, and then move it to a location that has sufficient ventilation, such as on top of a table or on an open shelf. If the issue is resolved, the previous location likely did not provide sufficient ventilation for the Xbox 360 console to function correctly.
• Heat sources include TVs, computers, monitors, and other electrical devices. Switch off the console and move it away from the heat source, or switch off the heat source and move it away from the console.
• View the Xbox 360 instruction manual for information about correct placement of the console.
4. Turn off the system, and then remove all the accessories that are attached. This includes the Xbox Hard Drive. Test to see whether the problem still occurs.
5. If the issue does not occur when the hard drive is detached, try clearing the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache. With the Xbox 360 Hard Drive attached to the console, follow these steps:
a. Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
b. Select Memory, select Hard Drive, and then press Y to view the device options screen.
c. On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the X button, press the X button again, press the left bumper, press the right bumper, press the X button, and then press the X button again.
d. You will be prompted to confirm system maintenance, select Yes by pressing A.
6. If this problem occurs with the hard drive attached and clearing the cache did not resolve the issue, create a new gamer profile, and then test to see whether the issue still occurs. If the issue does not occur when you use a new gamer profile, the issue may be related to the original gamer profile or saved game information for one or more games that are associated with the original gamer profile. To verify this, delete the saved games for all games that show this problem for the original gamer profile.
7. If this issue occurs with offline games only, go to step 8. If the problem only occurs with games when you are play online with Xbox Live, this issue could be related to Internet connectivity. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
909817 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/909817/) You experience poor performance on Xbox Live whether you use an Xbox 360 console or an original Xbox console
8. If your console is a PAL console, try setting your PAL setting to PAL 60. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
917304 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917304/) Xbox 360: Your Xbox 360 console is set to PAL 50 Hz and you cannot play an Xbox 360 game on your console
9. If this problem occurs when no disc is in the console, go to step 12.
10. Determine whether the disc that you are using is the cause of the issue by testing several similar Xbox 360-compatible discs in the console. Use a disc of the same type, such as a game disc, a DVD movie, or a music CD, to test whether the problem is the specific disc.

For disc-specific issues, check the disc for any visible signs of damage or dirt. Hold the disc by the edges without touching the top or bottom surface with your fingers. Clean the disc by using a soft cloth. Lightly wipe from the center outwards. Do not use solvents or chemicals to clean the disc.

If this problem occurs with only one disc and cleaning the disc did not resolve the issue, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base to determine whether the particular disc has any known issues, and then go to step 11. If there are no known issues, exchange the disc at a retail location.
11. If the problem is specific to a particular game, see the following Knowledge Base article:
916110 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/916110/) Xbox 360: You experience gameplay issues with specific Xbox 360 games
12. If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact Xbox Customer Support. For more information about how to contact Xbox Customer support, visit the following Web site:

Up to step 6 so far...

I give up. It's f***ed.
Mite have you run over a cat, smashing it through a mirror or something?