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Cricket 06

From thing.co.uk

Disaster today struck Videogame developers HB Studios when a fire broke out in the staff room of their "HQ". The fire managed to spread itself across to much of the building damaging computers and software in many rooms, including the main programming area.
Believed to be amoungst the debris are sequals to below-par videogames including FIFA Street 2 and Cricket 06, both published by Electronic Arts.
CEO of HB Studios Jeremy Wellard had this to say; "We are devasted by the loss of our equipment. FIFA Street is recoverable, but Cricket 06 had just gone through Beta testing, and it is doubtful we will recover the code in time for a 2006 release. On the bright side we do have enough time to release the game for 2007, allowing us to refine the game and get rid of many of the bugs, should we choose not to take our 9 week vacations."
When asked about the possibility of arson, Detective Ross Bird replied "We do have a suspect who apparently has been making angry calls to Jeremy and other staff since 2003. On the scene we found a scarf patterned in bananas and oddities which may help lead us to the culprit. That's all I have to say on the matter"
HB Studios has been making games for EA Sports since Rugby 2004 was released in September 2003.[/b]

Looks like bad news guys...
you talking about cricket 06? if so can you wait til we have news on it? :) i hope its good :)

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