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Hey guys, I'm a member of this fun site called CricSim. It is a simulated cricket tournament in a very detailed way. Games are played live over by over and individual stats are kept of each player.

You register yourself as a player on the site and assign yourself as a bowler/batsmen/allrounder/keeper and you pretty much start straight away.

You can see the site at

A preview of a

Here is the

We are at the end of Season 7 and about to enter Season 8 with two new teams in the Vipers and Stingrays. We have 3 grades of competition for each team so playing time within the squad is guaranteed regardless.

Warning: It becomes VERY addictive. !

Have fun!

P.S. My user name is Henry Marshall I play for the Pumas and I'll be happy to answer any questions if need be.
Not open for further replies.

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