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Crowd chants



In the game will there be proper chanting i.e. WALES,WALES,WALES,WALES?

And when you score a try is there proper reactions, like a big roar. WCR and Rugby 2004 was awful when you scored a try
Have a look in the other Rugby 2005 threads, I'm sure all issues like this have been covered in there somewhere.
Lets hope it's a bit more than "Wales Wales Wales"

Fields of Athenry
Bread of Heaven
Swing Lo
Ou est le papier
I hope when they say 'chant' they take it into a bit more detail and sing, like woodie mentioned.
I hope to the heavens above they didn't let john williamson anywhere within 500km of this game with his "heart felt" renditions of waltzing matilda.

Every Bledisloe cup game, out come the all blacks, fire up with a haka. Then out comes an akubra clad ****** singing a song about a sheep stealing wonderer who kills himself. Sends shivers down my spine every time...

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