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Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by C A Iversen, Feb 4, 2008.


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  1. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Ok, here we go 2008!

    What an potentially amazing game to start the season with, two teams who've been previous finalists many times and twice against each other!

    The Crusaders are an aging team this year although with the addition of Ali Williams and the returning (yet again) Brad Thorn, still a team which is likely to trouble most for the rest of the season. It being Robbie Deans' last season has also added an interesting dynamic in that many of the players will want to send him off on a good note. That'll be the last thing on their mind in the season opener though.

    The Brumbies are a different team this year and the world cup can be partly responsible for that, along with the end of the local careers for the old firm of Gregan and Larkham. They'll still be a tough prospect and can never be under-estimated, still featuring the International influence of George Smith, Clyde Rathbone, Stephen Hoiles, Adam Ashley-Cooper, Julian Huxley and the mid-season returning captain Stirling Mortlock. Plenty there and more besides!

    So, your thoughts on this titanic opening bout?
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Reckon we will win by 12 or under.

    Both teams will be rusty, ELV's in action so who knows what to expect. Crusaders have the more attacking back line so they will benefit more from the 5m rule, which I'm creaming my pants in anticipation to see how it pans out.

    Stirling Shytlock is out for the season which is cruel for the Brumbies. What about Gerrard and Rathbone? Who the hell do the Brumbies have in their backs then? Fairbanks and Huxley are the only names that come to mind.

    I hope to see this Crusaders XV come 7:35pm Friday 15th:

    1. Crockett
    2. Flynn
    3. Somerville
    4. Thorn
    5. Williams ( :lol: @ Auckland)
    6. Thorne
    7. McCaw ©
    8. Tuiali'i

    9. Ellis
    10. Carter
    11. Ralph
    12. Bateman
    13. Laulala
    14. Hamilton
    15. MacDonald

    Reserves: Paulo, Johnstone, Paterson, Manu, Fotuali'i, Brett, Poki

    It will be a sloppy affair, the Crusaders have the old heads and fire power to take this out. Score wise, I'd say along the lines of 26-15, but will probably change as the clock ticks down to game day.
  4. With Larkham and Gregan gone and no experienced no.10 i reckon the Brumbies could get a bit of a mauling. I doubt they will challenge for a semi spot this year but although the Crusaders like most teams, are weakened since last season, they should win easily.
  5. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Great opening game, arguably the biggest rivalry (not counting provincial neighbours). Crusaders to make it comfortable, but a win to Brumbies could set up another great super 14 season...
  6. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Are you on crack? Shytlock?

    Mortlock is only out for the first half of the season... Ashley-Cooper is the second best outside centre in the country (despite what the NSW media believe) and will make for an excellent replacement while he's gone...

    The Brumbies backline also feature Josh Holmes who is no doubt about to become the new Wallaby halfback. The Waratahs really f***ed up letting him go.

    Anyways, the Brumbies feature an amazing forward pack with Henderson, Shepherdson, Maafu, Chisholm, Campbell, Wallace-Harrison, Mitchell Chapman, Stephen Hoiles, Jone Tawake and George Smith. These new laws are going to do good things for Hoiles who is one of the most athletic backrowers out there.

    I'm hoping the Brumbies can pull off an upset, but I'm not going to get my hopes up against one of the best teams in Super history. However, I can't remember the last time they lost an opening round match?

    Anyways, hopefully the Brumbies will be fielding a team like this -

    1. Henderson
    2. Faingaa
    3. Shepherdson
    4. Campbell
    5. Chisholm
    6. Chapman/Tawake
    7. Smith
    8. Hoiles
    9. Holmes
    10. Lealiifaano
    11. Gerrard
    12. Fairbanks
    13. Ashley-Cooper
    14. Playford/Fainifo
    15. Huxley

    16. Edmonson
    17. Maafu
    18. Wallace-Harrison
    19. Tawake/Chapman
    20. Phibbs
    21. Faingaa
    22. Playford/Fainifo

    I don't know if Lealiifano will start at flyhalf but he's really looking solid and Huxley has put it out there that he wants to play fullback. Rathbone is out for this match but will surely be back on the wing the following week. Playford and Fainifo were two of the best wingers in the ARC and they're excellent backups.

    Anyways, if Huxley plays flyhalf than Gerrard will go to fullback and both Playford and Fainifo will start.

    I don't know how Fisher is going to choose the backrow. The Brumbies had one of the best backrows in the competition last year, but Mitchell Chapman is a great addition to the team. It'll be a tough choice. With Chapman though it gives them four genuine lineout jumpers. But essentially this is the same forward pack which demolished the Crusaders last year. They're going to be the key to the Brumbies hopes this year with the two great playmakers gone. Smith and Hoiles are going to be working overtime at the breakdown.

    On the bench we're also gifted with the big Salesi Maafu who is a monster of a prop. I hope Deans takes note of him. We don't want another 4 years of Baxter & Dunning!
  7. Brain says that we are going to get smooshed but heart hopes that we will pull an upset.

  8. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Are you on crack? Shytlock?


    It's not in any way referring to the way he plays, he's clearly one of the best centers in the world but I've called him that since I first saw him play 'cos he's such a menace to have on the opposing side :)

    Looking at your team there are heaps of future talents there, Josh Holmes is class and it's hilarious that NSW didn't keep him. Still a good forward pack, definitely Australia's best IMO. As I said, this game will be close but think we will prevail in the end.
  9. Silver Arrow

    Silver Arrow Guest

    I'm picking a Crusaders victory, but as we all know the Crusaders generally start the competition slowly. Without the experience of Gregan and Larkham there it will be tough ask for the Brumbies. I have picked 12- in the poll but I wouldn't be surprised if the Crusaders ran away with it in the latter stages of the second half.
  10. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    Crusaders team named:

    Crusaders team: Leon MacDonald, Kade Poki, Casey Laulala, Stephen Brett, Scott Hamilton, Daniel Carter, Kahn Fotuali'i, Mose Tuiali'i, Richard McCaw (captain), Kieran Read, Ali Williams, Brad Thorn, Greg Somerville, Corey Flynn, Ben Franks. Res: Ti'i Paulo, Wyatt Crockett, Michael Paterson, Nasi Manu, Andrew Ellis, Tim Bateman, Sean Maitland.

    Andrew Ellis on the bench as he is recovering from injury, but basically the strongest lineup the Crusaders can field. Good to see young Kade Poki getting a start on the wing.
  11. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    Brumbies team finally named...

    1 Nic Henderson
    2 Huia Edmonds
    3 Guy Shepherdson
    4 Alister Campbell
    5 Adam Wallace-Harrison
    6 Jone Tawake
    7 George Smith ©
    8 Stephen Hoiles

    9 Joshua Holmes
    10 Christian Lealiifano
    11 Peter Playford
    12 Gene Fairbanks
    13 Adam Ashley-Cooper
    14 Mark Gerrard
    15 Julian Huxley

    16 Saia Faingaa
    17 Salesi Ma’afu
    18 Peter Kimlin
    19 Julian Salvi
    20 Patrick Phibbs
    21 Tyrone Smith
    22 Francis Fainifo

    Mitchell Chapman hasn't been named in the squad so I'm assuming he's injured...

    I thought Saiaa Faingaa might've started at hooker because he did really well last year when Paul was injured and was really starting to look good... I think Edmonds just has a bit more experience at this level and is a more solid frontrower...

    The Brumbies will probably miss Mark Chisholm for this match because he's such a devastating ball runner and been consistently one of their best players throughout the Super 14 over recent years...

    Look out for this kid Peter Kimlin... in my view he'll be starting for the Brumbies at some stage in the next couple of years... was the best player in the ACT competition and played really well through the ARC... he's like Chisholm in that he's a very atheltic lock who can cover the backrow and has a bit of pace about him... I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Wallabies team in the future...

    In my opinion the backline is the Brumbies best without Mortlock and Rathbone, although Fainifo will be trying to push Playford out of that wing spot...

    I don't know a lot about about Tyrone Smith (George Smith's brother) but I was a bit surprised that Anthony Faingaa isn't in the team...

    My only problem with the Brumbies backline is Gene Fairbanks... he can either be really good, or really bad...

    I'm glad Laurie Fisher has taken the risk and started with Lealiifano... no matter what the result is I hope he plays well... with all the Kurtley Beale hype this kid has generally been overlooked by the press... he was also partnered up with Josh Holmes in the Australian U19 squad that won the world cup a couple of years ago so I hope that partnership will go smoothly....
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    interesting game first up. first game with the new rules first game of a new season first superb 14 games for some. has all the makings of something special with 2 of the biggest rivals in super 14 going head to head. crusaders look like they have too much firepower and experience for the brumbies in this one but the brumbies can suprise when least expected.

    crusaders often start slow to the comp but i think in this one they will have the overall firepower and class to beat the brumbies by 1-12
  13. Mehrtsisagod

    Mehrtsisagod Guest

    Welll it absolutely poured down with rain all today so there wont be much running rugby.

    I pick the Crusaders 1-12
  14. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I am really getting excited about this season. I was just getting myself a feed in the kitchen and a thought just popped into my head. New Zealand and all of our teams are always more dangerous in the season following a world cup loss.

    It's like there's a collective feeling of something to prove.

    I'm not trying to boast or be arrogant about NZ rugby. I would hope it would be obvious from our efforts in previous years. Not saying we win everything. It's just that our nations teams seem to lift.

    New Zealand rugby fans are like starved, wounded animals right now and hopefully our players are too!
  15. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    That's not necessarily true...

    In 2004 the Brumbies dominated and won the Super 12 beating every New Zealand team except for the Crusaders in the main round, but then smashed them in the final...
  16. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Well, I wasn't trying to create a rule for someone to go out and find an example which breaks it. I was just saying that more often than not our sides perform strongly in these post-world cup years. Geez, I was trying to sound positive about my country's chances, how dare I?

    By the way smashing them in the final? 47-38? They conceded 38 points and won by 9. Comfortable would the most, the limit, someone could say about that!

    Anyway, I'm going to stay positive and hope for a good start. Good luck to your guys too.
  17. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    The Brumbies won that game in the first half then took their foot off the pedal in the second...

    Anyways... enough of that...

    Gerrard.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can't believe he dropped that pass... it would've been 10 -10 at half time...
  18. BLR

    BLR Guest

    So after this loss it means the Brumbies are bottom of the table right?

    17 v 3 for those who can't watch it....

    2 tries by Tuiali'i , I am pretty positive I chose him for one of my fantasy Super 14 squads too :p

    EDIT: Btw Fushi, of course Gerrard dropped the ball, he is rubbish, I don't think I have ever seen him actually catch one :p
  19. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    If Ali Williams hadn't lost that ball we'd be 7 further in front.
  20. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I think you're thinking of Drew Mitchell... :lol2tn:
  21. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Pay some respect to your equal leading Wallaby try scorer for a RWC! :D

    I'm at work watching a gamecast, how bad is AAC's injury?
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