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Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by Vambo, Feb 23, 2008.

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    How much will Stains miss Cunningham when he hangs his boots up? I know you lot think Roby is the new messiah but he's not a patch on Cunningham who once again proved his worth against Bradford with a great display culminating in a trademark try to put the game to bed. One of the best players SL has seen IMO.

    ps... what is Pryce's problem with Burgess? The other year he 'feels' him up in a tackle and this time around Petulant Leon slams into his back about a week after the ball as gone :rolleyes: What a :toss:
    Hopefully next time they meet on the field Burgess will put him on his arse like he did with Frodsham B)
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  3. Burgess isn't big enough to do the Pryce what he did to Frodsham. Pryce was stupid, but he wasn't the only one getting in shots at Burgess, and it's what I like to see. Collective, legal revenge. It was a good hit like, and I have no problems with it, but it won't be the biggest hit come the end of the Super League.

    As for Cunningham, name me a team in the world that wouldn't miss someone of his stature? He is a freak, an outstanding rugby league player. Roby will be as good as him, but don't forget that the Man of Steel is just a kid. He has a lot to learn still, but he is the brightest prospect on the planet at the moment.

    Not being a patch on Cunningham is no disgrace - I can think of many hookers who aren't, eg everyone!
  4. Vambo

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    Yeah but Sculthorpe & Cunningham were doing it front on whereas Leon just took a cheap shot like he did with Lyon a couple of seasons back you may remember?
  5. I remember it well.
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