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Customs kits are OK !

Ok, as I said earlier, I have no experience in the modding field. I discovered the Wonderful World of EA .big files just a few hours ago, so maybe I'm doing things wrong but hey, it works
. Feel free to correct me.

What you'll need :

- Rugby 2005

- BigGUI
- FshEd
- Graphic importer plugin for Fshed
- and probably EAGraph (not sure)

Install these tools.

First steps

Identify the kits

- Launch BigGUI and do menu->File->Open
- Go to the /Data folder of Rugby2005
- Change to "All files" in the combobox at the bottom
- Choose your backup of data_pc.gob and click open

Note: if it doesn't work, you may need to play a bit with your data_pc.gob backup. Open it with EAGraph by choosing open->all files, click on a random fsh file on the left, click the left box appearing and then on the file appearing under it. You'll see a jersey back.
In the menu click file-> Save as and choose a filename. Then reimport the bmp by clicking Tools->Import wizard, First option ("import an existing..."), Next, browse for the bmp file you've just saved and click next again. Now the backup data_pc.gob file will work in BigGui.

And why should we use bigGUI to export kits and not EAGraph ? Try finding which file is a Kit with EAgraph, then ask again.

- So now the backup data_pc.gob file is opened in BigGUI, we need to identify which files are kits :
- Click the "packed(uncompressed)" header column and wait
- Go down until "yes(131 648)" is written in the column
- Shift-click the first "131 648" file (5f4cccfb...), go down while holding shift and shift-click the last "131 648" file.
- Choose Edit->Export in the menu and select a blank directory you'll call "kits"


We just extracted the kits. But still, you won't be able to distinguish one from another, thanks to cryptic file names. You'll have to open them one by one until you find the one you want to edit.

- Launch FshEd
- Choose File -> Open and browse to your kits directory
- Open .fsh files until you find the one you want to edit
You can also write down the file names of the kits you identified, would save some time for others

- Do Menu -> Object -> Export, choose filename and confirm.

-> Edit the BMP you saved with any software of your convenience, but save your modification in .PNG format. Other formats I tried made FshEd crash.

- In FshEd, import you PNG modification by choosing Menu - tools -> graphic importer
- Click Open, select your modified png file and click "Update"

Final steps

- In Fshed, save your kit file under its original filename.
- Copy this .fsh file in your Rugby 2005 Main directory
- Play !

To show your kit to the public, just send the .fsh file.
To Install a kit, just paste a modded .fsh file in your Rugby 2005 directory
not too shabby at all Darhf. I hope to have a go at this once I get the game myself.
I've had a bit of a go at this now, but it took me so bloody long to find one jersey through 4000 files that I've just given up... Why can't EA organise their games logically like sidhe did with Rugby League??? Everything was right in front of you in that game, ready to edit! In this game you could spend you life trying to find one file!

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