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Daily Mail - £10m rescue plan for England


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Rugby Union: The RFU is planning to sign 64 players from the Premiership clubs in a Ã'£10m deal designed to stop England's rot

Well something needs to be done with English Rugby but I know this isn't the solution.
Picking the right players instead of relying on the Leicester Old Boys network would be a good start.





That way the clubs can keep their players and England can have them without condemning half of the clubs to three straight defeats on the trot!

But then again, Mite, think about it. The only time when you guys win is when the likes of Sarries, Tigers and Brizza have to surrender their players to England duty!
Bristol don't have any England players. And Saracens should have at least one less *coughAndyFarrellwhoisn'taninternationalclasscentrecough*

The RFU will destroy the Premiership if they do this. What club in their right mind is going to pay huge amounts of money for a player they don't control and won't have available for half the season?
What about Shaun Perry and Dan Ward Smith (when he comes back)? Two vital players there.

And don't forget for Sarries you have Richard Hill, Ben Johnstone (for Saxons) and Farrell (*bleeeeeeh!* up yer arse yer doubting swine! :p)

I don't like the idea of central contracting when the solutions are far more simple (i.e. a properly scheduled season and an enforced cap on foreign players).
Well according to several People there are still mixed views over Farrell some people will rate him, and others don't, I honestly feel he didn't have that bad a game against the Irish, it seems to be that people are looking at him as a scapegoat for England's f*** Ups and he shouldn't be...

The season should be schedule more efficiently and with maybe a breaks for the players, also I feel the League Structure could be set out better than what it currently is...
Don't get me wrong, Farrell isn't the only one who should be shown the door. Ellis, Tindall and Lewsey have done nothing deserving of keeping their places in the team either.

The fact is, people keep saying that he did such a thing alright, or he wasn't bad at this. The man is 31 and England are in a hole. We can't afford to sit around while while a vastly over-expensive mistake gets a harsh education on playing as an international centre.
At the end of the day, even I, a dedicated Country man knows, knows that Central Contracts are not the answer. The Club must have full participation of the development and care of England talent, both present and future.

Thus onus is on the RFU and PRL as well as the other nations in the HEC to come up with a decent league structure that can please both camps.
It's amazing. We keep getting told how the fans love the 'drama' and 'excitement' of competitions such as the Anglo-Welsh Swindle and the end of season playoffs.

Yet I've never met one fan who thinks either of these are a genuinely good idea.

I realise the day the RFU listened to the fans would be a frosty day down below (the underworld, not Australia), but imagine if they did and just got rid of pointless fixtures.

Well, I read the "Way Forward" data and it just confirms what we've been saying all along, that the Anglo-Welsh competition is a waste of time.

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