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Dan Leavy to retire immediately

Terrible news. I would say the writing has been on the wall for him personally (he launched a whiskey brand recently, so I'd say he's been prepping for life after rugby) for a while, but sad to see such a ridiculously talented player not get to have the career he deserves.
Man, this is a really sad loss to the game. Class player and no doubt would’ve gone on to achieve a lot had his career not been cut short.
As Groundhog says had been rumoured for a while with the whiskey business launch and lack of playing time. Such a pity, someone who should have been a 100 cap international and in the mix for World Player of the year but always had injury issues and then had a horror injury off an illegal clear out.

The fact he even got back was incredible in its own right. At least the one season he was properly fit and firing he won everything in sight.

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