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    Has anyone given this game a go? If you have surround sound home theatres and maybe a widescreen tv to stretch the screen (still very impressive pixels even when stretched) then this game is the closest thing to the original Doom experience over 10 years ago (remember that?). It is really freaky and gave me goosebumps every so often........made the new Doom look tame when creating the terror effect (or was it just my surround home theatre).

    The 5.1 Dolby mixing for this game is the very best sound I have ever heard from a game.................ever. It was so freaky even my flatmate females stayed away from the lounge..................they thought the sounds were too evil and too violent.

    You also get great satisfaction when killing ( [​IMG] ). Only head shots have any impact on these demons from hell so you learn to be really accurate or you die. And that was only on the second easiest setting.........the other two were too hard stopping the evil dead making me one of their own!

    Cut scenes are great..............even had a sex scene [​IMG] !

    Not all of it is FPS.............you drive and ride as well.

    You also get to choose the direction of your story as you are given options at points to choose between doing good or evil.
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    You would be a coll dude to hang out with AYE!! LOL must be a pretty cool dad, Got the whole system hooked up, Play Video Games.

    umm anyway Sounds good, Ill give this game a go.
  4. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    If you like that sort of atmospheric freaky stuff GG, and if you have a solid PC (which you probably do considering you've played Doom 3), then you'll love F.E.A.R ! I've been playing it heaps lately and it's creepy as hell! The setting is very industrial, often in factories or office buildings, and you're trying to find out about the experiments of this company called "origin" (that’s the name of the project), which has produced psychic powered soldiers that can co-ordinate military clone units with their mind alone... the experiment has unexpected results though, and your character occasionally enters into area's that send him into a sort of dream trance! It's freaky, suddenly the bland hallway you've been walking through turns in a dark hospital corridor with bloody streaked walls and the sound of crying at the end of a set of double doors with building fire at the other end... On top of this, there is a f***ing creepy little girl that looks straight out of ring that pops up to scare the crap out of you from time to time. Seriously, if you love scary games, this puts you in the front seat of a bloody wild horror movie!
  5. I saw that on Gamer TV, looks very good. And saw it in shops, definently something for the new year when prices comes down.
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    It's bloody creepy and the graphics are unbelievable!
    Check this out:
  7. gjohn85

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    Its an awesome game. I have completed it once & I am going through it again!
  8. kaftka

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    I've got Darkwatch on Xbox. Haven't played much at all though, but how can you go wrong with a Vampire Western with shotgun-battleaxes?
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