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De Villiers Goooone!



Springbok centre Jean de Villiers's World Cup nightmare is continuing. The creative midfielder has been ruled out of the tournament in France with a torn bicep muscle. [/b]

Gotta feel sorry for this bloke. Guess it's not meant to be.

See you in 2011.
Well it was always gonna be a risk playing him in the opening game, what with bruised ribs and all.

Shame, poor guy. Made his test debut for the Boks in 2002, also in France. Lasted only 8 minutes before he ended up injured. And then, just as he got himself back into form, got the nod for the 2003 squad. Got ruled out from the RWC when he got injured in a warm-up game against one of the Currie Cup B-section games. A real pity, gotta feel for the bloke.

So I guess Steyn now gets elevated to the starting 12 jersey, and probably Waylon Murray gets a plane ticket to France.
shouldnt of played their top players against these island teams i supposed lol..

man injuries might play a big part in dictating the winner of the WC, wilkinson of eng, gerrard of aus, and now de villiers of SA!!
I won't mind Steyn playing at 12, he made a huge impact when he came on and really sparked the Bok side.
I think Steyn could do good things for South Africa playing at inside centre.

If South Africa are going to continue with Butch James at flyhalf they could probably do with someone with a bit of flair outside of him.
Yep that Steyn guy looked pretty handy - will be intersted to see how he fairs against an organised defence like England...Samoa were starting to get a bit ragid by the time he came on...
So Waylon Murray didn`t get his shot, and Wayne Julies is flying out on Tuesday as JDV`s replacement. Good opportunity for Julies, a player that for some reason a lot of Saffas don`t rate. He`s got good, soft hands, pretty impressive reading of the game and is solid if unspectacular on defense. So basically 200 times the player that Wynand Crashball Olivier is.....
Good choice IMO. Julies is one player who I really rated above Olivier (What does JW see in this guy?).
Yeah Steyn is a good choice outside James because Steyn has a bit of flair. However he does also have the odd mistake in him too which can be a problem in the big games
Good choice IMO. Julies is one player who I really rated above Olivier (What does JW see in this guy?). [/b]
Mate, I`d rate Nonu, Farrell and Henson over Olivier, and now I`m being perfectly serious. I guess Jake must like a blonde mop at 12, can`t think of any other reason really.
Silver lining is that SA were never going to win the tournament with de V in the centre.
Sooo sad to hear that hes gone.A brilliant player. Wanted him to do well in this world cup but... Don't you you just hate getting injured?
Imagine the experience Steyn will get though. I feel sorry for JDV of course, but from the Bok perspective...it could have been worse. Steyn his an able replacement.

As for Julies...we'll just have to see then won't we?
I really feel for him but he is always injured when he is not playing in the right place.
They should play him at 13

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