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Dealing with Happyslappers

a chav who beats someone up while filming it on there knicked phone.

there just complete c***s
Nice one, have seen similar and a mate who plays rugby for my team had a little prat come up to him and do it, he just headbutted the little ****, and probably broke his nose lol
that cracked me up, he tottally took both of them on and whipped their ass

that guy is my hero
happy slapping is retarded... its because of hapyslapping in teens, some bunch of brit punks murdered a south asian man some time ago
Great videoi, and with the Steve Austin music too...

I hate happy slappers so much, I haven't been the victim of happy slapping before but you don't have to be to realise they are retarded. Retarded so badly that they can't even say happy slapping..
the word happy slapping was initiated by these idiots, you silly child, it was from a tango advertising commercial.

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