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Deciding between clubs


Academy Player
Aug 21, 2019
Hi! So I’m struggling a bit with this decision and would love some advice. I’m pretty serious about my rugby and would love to see how far I can take it. I know guys who’ve gone into the semi pro game, others have even gone on tours with England Counties and have played overseas which I’d love to do in the future if it’s ever possible.

I’m going into my first year of senior rugby this year, I’ve been at my current club for 4 years and we’ve had some success but the team is being broken up now we’re going into senior rugby.

I’ve kinda got 3 options. Option 1 is my current club, for anyone who knows the English system the first team is in level 7. Last year though a few teams in the area broke away from the RFU Leagues and formed their own competition and the standard isn’t the best because there is no promotion, they struggled for numbers a bit last year as well for that reason. I’m local though and it might give me a season to play a lot of games and ease my way into senior rugby.

Option 2 is a club in the league above and someone I know there mentioned I should go and play. I know they got some scouts down from the semi pro clubs watching their games and they get pretty decent crowds as well. However I haven’t passed my driving test yet so it’d take 2 trains to get there and door to door 1 hour 30 mins. So that’d be like 3 hours traveling each time and I’d need to do it 3/4 times a week. I’m not sure how difficult that would be or if it’d be a bit stupid. It’d be difficult to get into their first team but who knows.

Option 3 is a club in the same league as option 2, similar situation I’m guessing but it’s 1 hour 10/15 mins which isn’t quite as bad. I don’t know as much about them though other than they had a decent season last year and have 4 teams, I don’t know anyone there. Again though it’s a slightly higher standard than my current club.

I’m not really from a Rugby Union area which makes it difficult until I pass my test.

I know there isn’t much to go off but which club do you think would be best for me with the info I’ve given? In a similar situation what would you do? Thank you very much for reading and any answers in advance