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Derailing the backs of the All Blacks



New Zealand have lost only 5 out of 45 tests since the last
world cup. Is this an indication of who will win the world cup
this year ? The All Blacks is known for experience, aggresion
and some of the most talented coaches in the world. The All
Blacks has got one great weakness, which is rarely used against
them by any other team, execpt Australia. The weakness is the
fact that they have a poor throw in at the line outs. Scrums and
rucks is New Zealands strongest point by far and if you can
dominate their scrums, you can also influence the backline
by assuring slow ball. Stephan Larkham said the following:
"You can play the All Blacks from the field by playing the
sidelines." Join the debate.........
Lets just say that if they insist on chasing high kicks...Argentina won't last long against the All Blacks.

Although, that said, they're incredibly quick and accurate when chasing their kicks so the All Blacks might be forever trying to run from deep, only to get caught at the half way line.
New Zealand has got one of the best kickers and one of
the best flyhalfs in the world, Daniel Carter. Their is a lot
of skill and speed with players like Mcalister and Rokocoko.
The forwards playing against New Zealand has a key role to
slow down the ball, without giving away penalties which can
resort in points. This will slow down their set pieces and give
your own backline chance to regroup and build up the line
of defence. By using the aggresive inwards blitz the All Blacks
can be stopped and speed will mean nothing. This will also
resort in presure which will cause them to make errors.
Give you share of information......
Semi Final 2007, AB's v Australia..... four more years boys, four more years....that will be the night when I will see 200 kilo Maoris weep....
The key to keeping the AB backs in check? Well if you want to attack their perceived lineout weakness, which is something that I`d suggest by kicking deep for the corners, FFS either kick the damn thing waaay into the stands, to take the option of the quick throw-in out of the equation, or else your chasers`ll have to get upfield at a rapid rate to stop the quick throw-ins. Something SA did effectively for 70 minutes in Durban this year, leading to a 21-12 lead. Only to stop chasing the long kicks effectively in the last 10, and that gave the AB backs the time and space to counter. Big mistake. So basically, if you`re gonna kick at them, make sure you kick it out, and take the quick throw-in out of the equation.

But the AB outside backs are even more dangerous from turnover ball than from the deep counter. So basically, if you want to take the likes of Mills, Sivivatu and Rokocoko out of the equation, you`ll need to find a way to neutralise a certain mr. McCaw. There are some theories about how to do this, some of which has worked in the past, the greater majority have failed abysmally. What you shouldn`t be doing, is putting a "fetcher" in the sole role of trying to match McCaw to the breakdown and on the ground. Because there`s nobody good enough to compete man for man with him.

I`ve basicaly got 3 theories on how to do this. You need to either get the whole side to focus on the 1st bloke to the breakdown cleaning him out at ruck time, like the Wallabies did very effectively in the tri-nations game this year. But because of his strong, low body position over the ball, this is pretty difficult.

Or you need to take his greatest strength of winning the turnover on the ground out of the equation, by simply stepping just before contact and then offloading in the tackle, thus reducing the number of rucks where he`s at his most dangerous. Easier said than done, but it`s the way the majority of NZ teams play their rugby. And McCaw has always been less effective in the S14 against other NZ sides. Coincidence?

And then, of course, the way to take him out of the game in terms of getting to the breakdown first, is by making sure he`s the bloke who has to make the most tackles. Once again, McCaw is at his most effective when one of his teammates executes the tackle, and he`s 1st to the breakdown. This allows him to get himself into a strong body position over the ball, with a low centre of gravity, thus making it extremely difficult to clean him out. And even though McCaw is pretty damn good at winning the ball in the tackle, he`s less likely to do this on a regular basis than to win turnovers by being 1st on the scene.

So basically, stop McCaw winning turnovers, and attack your kicks into touch, to take their broken play running out of the game. From there you`ve got a better chance than most. Easier said than done, but definately possible.
My theory is let MaCaw get to the breakdown then smother him under the bottom. If you can eliminate MaCaw from most of the breakdowns then you may have a chance of keeping possession. But in saying that NZ have talent in every area on the field so not 1 position is the threat you'd have to keep ya eyes peeled on 14 other player positions as well.

And as for the saying *4 more years * Lets see who has that say this world cup :)
And another thing its not Macaws low centre of gravity that is his key, its the strength he has which enables him to get to his feet quick, and if your an open side flanker you know what muscles I'm talking about in which he specializes on using. His obleeks, back muscles, and stomach muscles. All these contribute to keeping his game in check
Stop the back three from collecting deep kicks and getting up a head of steam. That includes Jerry Collins.

In the first test last November, France used Traille to send up a lot of Argentina-style high kicks, and the ABs just brushed them aside as they ran in for tries.

This time, I guess France will use Beauxis, either to drill the ball long and follow up like maniacs or to smack it in to the stands and stop the quick throw, as BokMagic says. Was it SA who screwed up against them in the 3N by letting in a couple of tries from quick lineout ball? Must have been - Aus wouldn't be that dumb.

Apart from that, France should be able to deal with the AB midfield off set piece ball.

That leaves the question: how do you derail the AB forwards? France will match them in the scrum and maul, and may have the advantage at lineout. But McCaw is great, and the AB second rows have been smooth so far with ball in hand. Dunno if France have the answer to that.
To beat the free flowing AB's game, tactically you would have to play a no-frills type of rugby.

Play the territory percentages and hope your defence can hold out.
Kick deep. Attack using lineouts and try to force turnovers. And hope the referee picks up some breakdown infringements.

France have gone with a kicking 5/8 and Fullback. So they're obviously aiming to play this kind of game. Carter's recent inaccuracy in the goalkicking department must make Laporte feel more comfortable in taking this approach.

However, what happens if NZ play a territory kicking game? Carter, Kellher, McAlister, Muliaina and McDonald are all very talented kickers, so a conservative gameplan is well within the ability of the AB's

To beat the All Blacks you generally will need at least 25points. This means you need at least 2 tries.

If the AB's play a forwards orientated + kicking game, like Bledisloe Cup Game2 this year, they are nearly impossible to beat as not many teams score tries against the AB's from distance.

France will be very hard pushed to better the All Blacks in the quarter.

Since 2002, in 7 games, France has scored 6 tries against the AB's.
Since 2002 Joe Rokocoko has scored 6 tries against France.
And the All Blacks have scored 37 tries in total.

France will need more kind bounces of the ball than the 1999 team got if they want to score the tries necessary to defeat the AB's.
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France will match them in the scrum and maul,

That is the biggest prediction ive heard so far :bravo:

more like the scrums will be a random selection of free kicks and penalties going who knows which way as always. How did the Scots get pushed off so much ball yet retain it afterwards????
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France will match them in the scrum and maul,

That is the biggest prediction ive heard so far :bravo:

more like the scrums will be a random selection of free kicks and penalties going who knows which way as always. How did the Scots get pushed off so much ball yet retain it afterwards???? [/b][/quote]
I may be mistaken (please correct me if i'm wrong), but shtove predicted Irelands backs to dominate that of Argentina which would ultimately lead to an Irish win. Therefore, don't listen to him :p

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