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Desperately needed: one exorcist



Lads and lasses, things have been going hellish at work of late. I`ve had to deal with an almost bizarre level of uncanny coincidences, all of them happening at the most inoppurtune times, and I have to assume that there`s some form of voodoo or some such thing going on.

Basically, in the last week, I`ve received a wrong order of raw materials- 5 tons of it. So we`re running desperately short of active for our fastest-moving product, at exactly the time when we should be stocking up for the end-of-year shutdown period. And we import it from either the US or Italy, with all of the resultant delays at customs.

On top of that, I`ve had, firstly a late-winter flu epidemic among the lab staff, so I can`t get final results as quickly as needed on either raw materials or final product. I`ve also had a simultaneous breakdown on my 4 fastest capsulating machines, and the backup printer on our high-speed packing line has decided to go haywire- at exactly the time while the main unit is in PE for its quarterly service.

So I`ve basically come to the conclusion that either mr. Murphy was perfectly spot-on with his little law, or we need an exorcist for the factory. If anyone has the necessary skills or experience to perform exorcisms, please help!

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