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Did it happen quite like we're led to believe?

Now if you want a real conspiracy, try corporate ones, the East India Company in particular and its gradual Enron-like desire to take over India in order to cook the books to cover its huge losses from the British Government. Eventually, when it finally collapsed, the British government was saddled with something it really really didn't want: the Asian subcontinent. [/b]

Notice how Middle-East sovereign wealth funds are ploughing money in to distressed western banks - Citigroup and UBS? China and Singapore are getting involved as well, and many more banks will be marched under the yoke.

Looks like Asia is getting saddled up in reverse this time - except no money from the sub-continent, which is still relatively dollar poor. Maybe they could tap the Mittels for a loan.
And of course, the Soviets only invaded Poland in 1939 and later then went all the way to occupy most of Eastern Europe out of the kindness of their hearts?

Come off it mate, they would have had the whole of Germany & Austria if they could get away with it. And apart from having two cities obliterated by A-Bombs, the other reason why Japan capitulated was because the Soviets were getting ready to invade Hokkaido and Northern Honshu. By the time Allied forces would invade the South of Japan, the Soviets would have probably been within 30 miles of Tokyo...

Everyone has alterior motives for what they do, don't go around thinking that the Soviets were somehow better than the USA for getting involved in the 2nd World War. [/b]

Only reason they invaded eastern europe was to stop them from a) supporting the nazis and B ) a big huge buffer against the western powers.Of course they would of had Austria and Germany because well they liberated it and toppled the fascists in those countries.

USA got involved because Japan threaten its interests in the south pacific and of course they wanted a share of the spoils a la WWI. Whereas the Soviet Union faced a real possibility of being wiped off the map and its people having the same fate as the jews after all they treated the slavs with the same hatred and contempt.
You know the "9/11 was an inside job" arguement is retarded when you can use Maddox to debunk it all...


My Personal Favourite...

bush = hitler

please foreigners get a grip

look up on youtube loose change vs popular mechanics debate.. those snotty nosed douche bags from loose change don't know what even hit them.

and Zeitgeist is ****

get a grip.

i know you want to live in a fantasy world and believe bush is the most evil thing to ever walk the planet but honestly you have to be one dumb f*** to agree with anything that Zeitgeist or Loose Change states...

either that or incredibly naive. [/b]

Naive fantasy lands are here aplenty at the moment. On one end we have people believing that 9/11 was an inside job and on the other we have people believing that Iraq was attacked in order to bring freedom and democracy to the region.