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Did the NXE cause my Xbox to red ring?


Goth Power

There I was, less that 2 weeks after the NXE was unleased and I was happily jamming on Rock Band 2 with some mates online kicking ass and such...

..and suddenly I a mashed up screen with magical dots and weird stripes and ****...and I knew then my xbox was just about to go.

I captured the fatal few last minutes before the E74 error took my console...

I know it looks fu**ed doesn't it? The question I ask is did the NXE cause this?

Coincidently my mate lost his xbox with the exact same problem only 4 days before I did, and after we did some research it turned out the graphic chip was knackered.

Maybe the old Xbox 360's (first batch) with the old graphic chips and such couldn't handle it?

I can't confirm it but until the NXE my Xbox was perfectly fine!

Anyone else had this problem?
I've heard a few reports about NXE causing such things, but you hear about that with every major release on the 360. If you stop to think about it, these reports happen to appear the most because theyre the most popular games so the RROD tends to happen the most with these. In reality, as you say, the graphics chip was really shoddily done in first generation 360's and alas it seems entirely inevitable that they'll all break after a certain time of use.

The worst part? If your 360 is a launch day console, it's no longer under RROD warranty. Which is somewhat dispicable on Microsoft's part if you ask me...

My first Xbox went the same way as yours. Indeed, I think that was around the time I first joined TRF. If somebody could be bothered, they could probably dig that up and embarass me in front of the whole Internet. But nobody would do that...

Anyways, muchos condolences.
Its human nature to draw conspiracies over the RROD
I blamed tiger woods 08
My mate had his die on XBE launch just after he downloaded it
I think its just coincidence, if XBE was not released until tomoz you would have pointed the finger at rock band
It wont be long, u will have a fixed machine
they just go when they go. the hardware of the earlier generation 360's is just like that hence why there was the extended 3 year warranty. the new jasper is meant to be even better for reliability so hopefully we won't hear about too many more rrod's in the future
If it went on 3 Quadrant red light it would of been under guarantee but, seen as it was only 1 red quadrant of red light it was not covered under the new 3 year warranty.

So I went out and bought a Xbox 360 arcade Friday afternoon and its cool, its got HDMI, a nice looking white disc drive instead of the dodgy chrome ****, and it runs smoother, quicker, quiter and doesnt heat up much either.

Hopefully this one won't red ring on sometime soon.

ZR* I understand what you meant about the whole reason ****, people where blaming a GH2 update god knows how long ago for consoles bricking and I understand the concept of what your talking about, but it just seems fishy ever since the NXE my console had been slow and causing crashes and disc read errors but until the update it was cool and going strong. But, it did have a good run compared to some people's consoles.
Mine did the exact same thing as yours, then died. But it was with NHL 2k7! I think It just suddenly starts happening regardless of the game . the 2k hockey series is not known to require much more grunt than last gen!
i thought 1 quandrant meant you have loose cables and they need to be fixed/attached properly
the dreaded RROD is 3 quandrants - anything else is easily fixable isnt it?
Nope mine just red ringed E74 10 months in. This is a wide spread problem and a massive failing on MS side. I will be geting a PS3 at the end of this month and MS can eat my c@~~K
This is caused to me halt my progess in getting a 360. I was thinking about getting one, then two people have told me about this and it has put me off for the time being.

I could get the PS3 but I'm too poor to pay another $300 more for it.
Would you recomend getting a preowned xbox 360 or should I fork our an extra 150 for a new one, which might have a less likely change of red ringing?
Get a new one. Mine was a launch console and it lasted almost three years before the red rings. Others havent been so lucky, but getting a new one will decrease your chances of it happening soon. But, if you gonna fork out the extra 150, then might aswell just bump it up another 150 and get a PS3. Thats what I did. Having said that, some games look noticibly worse on Ps3 compared to 360. Ill stick with ps3 for good though, region free games!! For the first time in my life Im playing NCAA football!!! and it totally pulls maddens pants down....undies and all. Not one freeze!!!
The newer X360 consoles have cooler fans, and different chips and stuff meaning it doesn't heat up even half as much. Well mine doesn't anyway.

I'd recommend getting a new one if your planning on getting one though, because if its a early console then your going to be worrying about RRoD until the day it happens. I bought an Arcade with Sega Superstars tennis and PGR4 and sold them aswell as the wireless controller that came with it and cables and memory cards and stuff and I already got half of it back more or less.

I will never get a PS3 I'm too loyal plus I think the X360 is kick ass, and PS3 have their fair share of problems but MS are doing about them.
Dale, I would advise against getting a pre-owned one. If it's an older version, it could be a ticking timebomb waiting to explode in your face. Microsoft have put a 3 year warranty on all their consoles. If it red rings, they repair it. My Elite (shocking, I know) red ringed inside of a year, and the shop I bought it from gave me a new one on the spot. Depending on the age of the console, it might have little or even none of this warranty left.

Just get a new one. I promise you, it'll be worth your while. The newer consoles have a much reduced risk of this happening, but even if it does, you're covered and it'll get replaced or repaired. I can't recommend them enough.
Hey I am not a fan boy but this problem is plain crazy. I will be getting a PS3 sure they have problems as well but not even close to the level MS has.

Next year will see PS3 pull away in game exclusives. GT 5, Killzone2(going to wipe the floor with all other FPS if you have seen it) http://www.eurogamer.pt/tv_video.php?playlist_id=18884, GOW 3, Uncharted 2, Socom etc.
I like how you say your not a fanboy yet you seem to be eager to justify it.

Seriously, they're both fine consoles. They both have a fine selection of exclusives coming in the next year. Can we all please stop saying brand X or Y is better? Please?
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Zonerunner @ Dec 13 2008, 12:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
I like how you say your not a fanboy yet you seem to be eager to justify it.

Seriously, they're both fine consoles. They both have a fine selection of exclusives coming in the next year. Can we all please stop saying brand X or Y is better? Please?[/b]

UUmmmmm I have Xbox and will be owning a PS3 so no not a fan boy but do have a problem with xbox reliability. The fact is PS3 has a much better exclusive line up next year fact.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Teh Mite @ Dec 14 2008, 08:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
What? Gran Turismo and Killzone? :blink:[/b]
Gran Turismo Prologue was derr so unless they do somethng amazing it will be just so so.  Killzone was crap on PS2 so they better have something out of this world compared to the COD series otherwise it will be another yawn.  What other exclusives are there?  I have given up on hoping for great PS3 games.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (TheBokke @ Dec 13 2008, 07:24 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
The fact is PS3 has a much better exclusive line up next year fact.[/b]
Microsoft have said they wont be announcing any of their big hitters for next year until... well, next year, so lets wait and see what they have to show for themselves before we start declaring opinions as facts.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (TheBokke @ Dec 13 2008, 04:06 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
GOW 3[/b]
Huh?  Is Gears of War 3 coming to PS3???  Is it multi plat?  Is it now a PS3 exclusive????

If it is coming to PS3 you may have just sold me.  Oh hang on....I already bought a PS3.

Now if only DOA series came to PS3....hmmm.  That would make me a true believer in that machine of mine which spends more time at my friends houses than it does at mine haha!

My PS3 usage this month:
My house = 10%
Friend 1 = 60%
Friend 2 = 30%

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