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Dire need of good cleats.



I have gone to sporting stores nearby however I can't seem to find a cleat thats light enough but also isn't thin leather screaming for me to be cleated on. Also all are plastic bottoms which I do not want. I currently use a pair of canterbury that were durable but when playing in them felt too much of a burden. I even weighted them and they weighted just about 2 pounds per cleat. I'm just asking for suggestions because it looks like I am going to have to buy online if I want a pair of good cleats. I guess I should mention that I'm looking for hard ground cleats because the canterbury's I have I'[ll use for soft ground. Thanks for opinions guys.
nike air legends are my reccomendation as always

theyre comfortable, durable, and the kangaroo leather upper really helps wick away a lot of water and mud not to mention getting stepped on wont hurt as bad!
Nike Air Legends....Is this it ?????

Well theres a problem. You say you want soft ground boots, but you don't want them to have a 'plastic bottom'. I think you're going to find all boots have either a plastic or plastic composite bottom...

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