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Just downoaded the demo for the latest installment of the colin mcrae series and its fantastic... looks great, cars handle well and most of all its bloody enjoyable..

So if you have a 360 on marketplace download it and give it ago...

lol i read this and thought you were going to talk about courney cox's tv series dirt...

silly me : )
madness - good news

will be getting this now aswell

Forza n DIRT - finally some horsepower in the 360
15th June

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So, what is being envisaged as the better game come release time?

Forsa 2 or DIRT?

Or are they too different a game from one another to be able to say?
Well one is rally and the other is track, I would probably go for the rally before the track...
I will be downloading the demo tomorrow. Looking forward to the full game when its ships 15th June.
OMG u guys have got to download the demo of xbox live marketplace, it outragous. Th egraphics are bloody brilliant. Don't normally like racing games, but i've been blown away by this. But there is only one game that matters in next two months. RUGBY 08!! sorry had to get that in :D . But awsome demo. DOWNLOAD NOW!
Ok, so i just bought DIRT and am off to play it any minute now.

Looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about; whether the graphics are as good as they say...and whether it's fun to play.

Jeez, i just realised the last time i played a Colin McRae games was when the first one was released on the PS1.
That's a few years back....
Ok, after having played the game for a couple of hours i have come to the decision that it is a really entertaining and enjoyable game, however, i fear they may be making the game to easy.
My very first few races i was already taking first place on amateur mode, so i had to go up a lever. That means the level i've just started racing on is 3 levels higher than the easiest mode.
Are people really this bad at computer games?

2 things i hate: -

- The americans in my car. "I won, i'm soooo stoked!" Oh, bite me! Where's Colin and his ridiculously difficult to understand scottish accent?!
- What the f*** i sup with the loading time before a race? I'm sitting there for about 5 minutes looking at statistics on my driving! Bullshit.
Ah, but if the Amreicans aren't made to look like the best at anything, they won't buy it, hense that yankee rally driver doing the voice over. When you remember that the US is a make or break market for a game like this, they need to be kept happy.

Agreed though, he does need a bullet through the brain for his annoying twang.
Have you seen the in var view with those buggy's? you can't see a thing except a big pole that is going across the screen diagonally.
Is anyone here finding DIRT a little too easy?

I mean, i'm **** at computer games. Honestly, i'm beyond god-awful, but i've only played on DIRT for a few hours and i'm already competing at Pro level.
I'm sure everyone else is finding that playing at anything below Pro-Am is too easy and it feels like there's no happy medium
Although i am finding Pro too hard at the mo, I still don't fail to come first in the pro-am....it's quite annoying.
Welcome to the world of modern video gaming.

I read a comment from some designer once that went along the lines of "one day, you'll be critisised for being able to fail a game". I suppose it's some kind of half-hearted attempt to appease to the casual audience. I've always argued that's what difficulty levels are for, but developers have always been a bit of a mixed-bag at being able to balance the difference between them (especially if you happen to be published by Activision, who from experience cant quite figure out the interim between "easy" and "oh my god you just ripped out my spleen" - or indeed Tecmo, for whom spleen ripping is the easy way out because it isnt a vital organ.)
Just about to clean up the full 1000 points- just need to drive 1000 miles. Such a chore! I'm bloody over it

The only incentive is to beat my friends' times.
I don't like that you can't play 2 player on the same console. All the shift to online gaming and they aren't paying as much attention to people that want to play offline.
Alright, achievement point whores take note. To get the 1000 miles achievement, just tape your controller down at the top of pikes peak and just leave it doing donuts for a day. SHAZAM!

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