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Disc Read Error



Hi Guys

Just found this forum wicked!!

Does anyone know if theirs anything i can do to fix my PS2 i keep gettin the message Disc Read Error? The only game that'll play is Rugby League, which is awesome but just gettin a bit bored of it now.


New laser. Mine's on it's way out as well.

Cheaper to buy a new unit to be honest.
Cheers mate ive had a new laser put in at a cost of £50 and its happened again. Is there no way of cleaning the lens?

Not too sure, I'm not a technical person really... Sounds like a new PS2 is needed.
One my mates has gone through 3 ps2's due to this error. He got the first one replaced for free by Sony though.
Good tip, bin the ps2 & buy an xbox!

Only joking, I don't want to start the xbox v ps2 arguments in this thread, I think we have had one too many of those on this forum!!
Don't leave your PS2 on the carpet, don't touch the lens, don't spill any liquid on your PS2. three ways of avoiding errors.

Oh, and, Xbox = rulezzzzz lolol
Its easily fixed, PS2's are dust magnets and those lenses get quickly real easy.

Try the methods outlined in this link, worked for me and Ive not had a problem since....

Fix PS2 Disc Read errors

That whole replacing the drive stuff came about because Sony engineers are a bunch of cowboys who knew how cheaply put together the PS2 was and wanted to make some more money off us
There is no need to ever replace the laser unless its a mechanical fault.

Rant over.

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