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Disciplinary Record on Field



Well here is my record. I thought it would be interesting to see peoples behaviour on field hehe :D

What i am proud of though is that i have never bin naughty playing for any rep team (apart from skool) whether it b academy, nsw country, central-west nsw, western all schools, western chs etc..but anyway here we go this is my disciplinary record that i can remember.

2001: yellow card for high tackle (u12's Bloomfield Wildcats vs. Oberon)
2002: I was a good boy
2003: yellow card for illegal play in ruck (Orange Emus vs. Dubbo Blues)
2004: yellow card for illegal play in ruck (Orange Emus vs. Parkes Boars), yellow card for shoulder charge (Orange Emus vs. Dubbo Reds), yellow card for hands in ruck (Orange Emus vs. Wellington Wombats), yellow card for fighting (Orange Emus vs. Molong Fags), 3 yellow = 1 red for illegal play at breakdown (OHS u16s vs. ParkesHS), yellow card for shoulder charge (OHS vs. WellingtonHS), yellow card for tackle in mid air (OHS u15s vs. ParkesHS)
2005: yellow card for abusing touch judge and judiciary hearing requested (Orange Emus vs. Orange City Green), yellow card for spear tackle (Orange Emus vs. Molong Fags)
Wow, you have been REALLY naughty the last 2 years...:p

You should hear what Charlie has been up to...:p
I'm one of those people that "gets away" with stuff...
the only card i've ever received was a yellow card for a high tackle... i mean the guy ducked down when i was about to tackle! i cant stop mid-air can i???

oh, the guy survived... no worries... :p
Have Never Been yellow carded Coz im one of them non aggressive ppl and usually avoid trouble.
i never did anything wrong, but i had a few high takcles done on me, resulting in fights and people getting sent off/sin binned

that was fun


i am very short not hard to go to high on me
couple yellows, and a red

the red was bullshit:
one cause i supposedly stamped on a player, and drew blood or somethin like that, and they called it illegal play at ruck and redded me, it was complete bullshit, he just gave me a red cause earlier in the match i had questioned him on one of his calls earlier..o well
Umm I've never been carded for anything, but I've had a few penalties against me. One was for a high tackle (on a midget, who just ducked) and one of them was complete crap - for squeeze ball, ridiculous.

I've been done for squeeze ball couple times, but nothing major. I got binned once for an off the ball incident. I nutted one of their players cause he was really doing my head in, and it was the last play and we were comfortably winning. I got a hearing from my club, but that was it. That was a year ago and I've not been carded once since then.
Yeah, one yellow card is all I've got... for punching.

What? He was playing with my guts - balls, hmph.
Originally posted by Coco@Feb 26 2006, 10:58 AM
Just a quick question - what is exactly wrong with squeeze ball?

It is deemed dangerous by the rules - neck is in a vulnerable positon. However, it helps secure quicker and more secure ruck ball.
Right time for my record on the field...

Age 13 - Red Carded - High Tackle in Local Derby...

Age 14 - Red Carded - 1min into the game for headbutting the captain of the local boy school team, he called my mum a whore :%#%#: :%#%#: I put him out of the game thats all that matters...
Yellow Card for a Stamping
Yellow Card for Decent
Got Injured week before trials with several clubs, one being Bath...

Age 15 - Injured did not play

Age 16 - Injured did not play

Age 17 - Injured did not play

Age 18 - Started training, provoked old injury - played 3 games that season

Age 19 - Spent several months training and recovering from injury, played 10 games til the end of the season...

Got Yellow card for fighting

Age 20 (Now) - Play on a regular basis... so far Yellow for fighting, Yellow for High Tackle, Yellow for Stamping

Have been banned for a couple of games.... Still not at full fitness, working on it tho, will be taking a rigourous training regeme at the end of the season hoping not to provoke my injury...
Yellow card for insulting the refs mother.

Later in the game, a red card for having sex with the refs mother during post-try celebrations.
Currently training and playing for South Petherton Rugby Club, just a small town club, hoping to try and get a chance to go and play for Ivel Barbarians in Yeovil.
Used to play Prop when I was younger now moved in the Second Row, as I have thinned out but aint lost the weight and muscle I had but gained Height as well. being 6ft 6" is always a good advantage in a lineout....
Worst I've done is give away a free kick for not contesting a high ball. Then again, that is cos I'm a winger
Worse I've ever been disciplined in my 4 years of playing (u12-16s) is being offside, holding on and tackling a player who had chipped over me. It stopped a probable try but I wasn't sin binned as it was on the halfway line.

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