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Amazed at this.

Drivng down the road today, at the moment the kids on school holidays and just happen to notice the amount of little fat buggers running around. I mean really really fat little buggers.

A group of these fat little buggers where kicking a footy around and low and behold... they actualy had good skills for little fat buggers.
I live next door to the park in which the little fat buggers where playing (plus I now their parents) and I noticed one little kid sitting on the curb not looking to happy. So I yelled out to him "what's up mate?" and he calmly said "they won't let me play", I said "why's that?" to which he said "cause they reckon I'm to fat".

To make him feel better I walked over and yelled out to this group of little fat buggers "if you don't let him play I'm going to kick someones butt". The little fat buggers stopped and looked on in what looked like fat little guys being shocked.

But being good little fat kids they let him play. They played on for a while and then sort of ran out of breath and came over to me and had a chat.
They started with the usual Aussie "who's your team?", this in Melbourne means AFL.
I said "sorry boys don't have a team in the AFL", the fatter of the little fat kids said "do you like leauge?".
I said "nope, I like union" and to my surprise one of them said "whats that?".
I said "have you heard of the Wallabies?" and then they sort of clicked.

Then I asked them "do they play footie at school?", to which the all said "no, we're to fat and can't get on a team".

I said "if you played rugby union you'd get on a team no problem".
They liked the sound of this and wanted to now how to play, so taught then how to play touch rugby.
And man they got it quick... was amazed at how they got on.
So from there I got them to play four on four, full contact thinking that they would run out of steam pretty quickly BUT nope these little fat buggers spent the afternoon putting in the big hits.

Had to leave them but told them to look on the internet for a local club and see if they can get a spot, may not happen BUT maybe one of them might.

I guess the moral of the story for me is that one of the great things about Union is that there's a spot for everyone, regardless of size, age and shape.
Think about it, Union is one of the few games where you can be a fat bugger and get a game.

And you never now, one for day for Australia the front row could come from Melbourne cause they really are breeding them pretty fat down this part of the world. ;)
That's a great story lol! It really is!

I bet you a few of them end up playing union.

Did any of their faces resemble Matt Dunning's?
One step for Melbourne, One giant leap for Australian rugby :bravo:

Way to go Dumbo. (guess you're not so Dumb after all :p )
I guess thats probably why we get so many people playing rugby.

Everytime we played in primary, it was pretty much pass the ball to the fat guy lolz (league), and later on, maybe develop rugby skills

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