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Do you get anything for winning Lions Tours



I am looking into filling my cabinet so i unlock the lions and representative, but after winning the lions tour in NZ. I got zilch, not even the flag like on other games for the cabinet.

Is is this 'meant' to happen or was it something wrong on my part.

I think it might be a bug, im sure someone else mentioned something like this?
this may be stupid but did u look in the cabinet for all different difficulty levels? theres 3 seperate ones.
u gotto be the lions and win to unlock the flag

if ur the home team and win u get nothing

also gotto save ur profile after winning - if u didnt do that, it wont be there
I did everything, i am no novice. Maybe i miss clicked the profile button, or just forgot. As long as i know it appears.

I just unlocked the play as home team on lions tour, and was pretty excited about it. I started as nz with warm up games on. The first match was lions vs blues. Before the match i changed the lions staring line up, so that all their stars were on the field, I think every backline member was star! Needless to say i was pretty excited about the tough challenge i was about to face. Instead i gave them an absolute hiding. Their stars did nothing, i havent played another game in my lions tour and i dont think i will bother. Gutted.
lol, finally something i have read something on this board that makes me laugh tonight, I seem to be only posting in arguement topics.

Still i played with the lions and got no NZ flag, BOD scored a hat trick and tana umaga got sin binned, that should have been what happened.


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