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Do you think this is possible



Do you think it is possible for one of you good programmers to try and raise the club squad sizes. At the moment the size is 30, but it should be raised becasue club squads are a lot larger than that and we cannot fit in all of the players we want?

Just want to know if anyone could give it a try?
It would make my job alot easier when editing the roster. However I can't see a way for it to be done.

no this is impossible...

they are set to 30 in the team roster and if we move the team rosters to have more players the game doesnt recognise that there has been more players added. if the filesize is not correct the game will crash and you will need to restart it again.

saddly it would be nice to have a full squad but 30 is the limit and we have to live with it. though 30 is quite alot :)

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