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Does anyone else find online abit pointless?

I find the whole thing a little pointless to be honest. Online is useless and offline everything can be completed in a day. Nothing to keep me playiong. Can't believe they charge full price for it. Should be at least half the price. Thankful I rented.

Also just popped on the RC forums. Seems RC isn't much better than this (possibly worse some say) so over all I'm bitterly disappointed with things. Hopefully the actual RWC will be good this year.
Not really - I pick up the game to play a few games for fun, I don't really care about leaderboards and the such
However I know a lot of people do, and can see why they'd miss them - just not me personally
Yeh it's pointless, no w/l/d status and no idea how good or poor an opponent is that you've just beaten or lost to
i just had a great game agsinst someone, i just won 10-7 me france him eng. Would like to know who it was so i could rematch, but no way of telling once the games started not even on players met on the ps3 dashboard
Says their name when they're choosing a country I believe - other than that, I'm not sure
Sidhe's online will be even more pointless, since all teams will be rated equally.
Honestly, could not care less about about there not being rankings, and doubt I really care where I am on the rankings for RC either. I play for fun online, don;t really mind that much if I lose. And anyway, even if there aren't any rankings, there's plenty of online competitions and leagues for it, like there are here on TRF.
does it really matter if you dont have a w/l tally. If the games are entertaining and more interesting than playing against AI, isnt that the thing that matters?
I think there isnt anything wrong with the online. its like always being able to have a friend to play with :p if you quit on me Im gunna send you a message calling you some bad words. if we have a good game i'll be sending you a friend request and we'll play again
The online worked better for me yesterday, had two games, no quitters and the game wasn't that laggy, not any more than fifa 11 to me. I lost both games, but it'll take time to get used to playing online rugby.

It is annoying that there is no ranking, or punishment for quitters, but i don't believe many kids of fifa age will bother with this game, so you should get a decent game in theory. Personally, i'll make a list (see my thread) and we can do it this way.

We can of course make our own ranking list, for TRF members anyway.

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