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Does anyone else here play cricket



Just wondering if anyone else here plays cricket.

I've gone back to my old club after a 5 year break and our new coach has already started training, we had a bad year last year and he's vowed to turn things around.

at the moment we're doing indoor net practice one night and fitness another night. i've easily picked up the bowling and fielding but my batting is shitfull to say the least, need heaps more practice and confidence to get anywhere near my ability 5 years ago.

season starts in october so hopefully i'm ready by then... i'm really keen to get stuck into it

last time i batted in a match was 2001/02 and i was dismissed on 65, i want to pick up where i left off and go on, never made a 100 before...been very close with 93 so my aim is to knock up the magical 3 figures.

my bowling aim is to get my speed back up to where i was at when i was 18 years old, there's no doubt that only a slightly grassy wicket on a humid and overcast melbourne day i will pick up a few wickets.
**** that's early for training lol, we normally start about late September. I play in our top senior competition, which comparatively probably isn't the greatest, but it's competitive and enjoyable.

Am keen to get my maiden 50 batting from 7 and lower (got bloody 46 last season), and to progress to consistently opening the bowling instead of 2nd change, where I've picked up a few 4-fors but never the 5, another aim this season.

Keep us updated on the progress and I'll endeavour to do the same...
good to hear i'm not the only one :)

yeah, our coach is pretty serious about turning our poor form around this year

he's come from district firsts, which is where players are selected to represent victoria, and then the aussie team is selected from the 6 state teams.

yeah for me its about being a bit competitive but enjoying myself at the same time.

keep me posted too and good luck this season
hehe im a proud player in the sydney morning park cricket comp..

our team - the proud Bali XI... we go for glory..
we got beaten tragically in the grand final last year, so i thinks we will be aiming to do one better..

Im kinda the specialist fielder in the team tho.. ;)
Jeffrey`s Bay CC(yes, we one of those, in-between all of the surfers!) opening bowler signing up. My aim for the past season was to move up the batting order to any single-figure number, but I got stuck down at 10. Was also hoping to improve my career top score of 34, but got as high as 26 last season.

Definately not starting training yet, as the winter is very much rugby and surfing season. But will be aiming to move up the order next season, maybe drop down the bowling order to first or second change, especially since the pace is dropping as I get a bit older.
I am a opening batsmen for my school
I play under 16A
We have won the league in the area (South Cape: oudtshoorn; george; mosselbay; knysna; riversdale etc)
We won the kwaggas (outeniqua) in the final on a rainy day.

I am a very good fielder. Last year I was wicketkeeper but this season I was point.
But the wicketkeeper is away to a other school and now I am again wicketkeeper but it is not any difference.
I took a jonty catch :D that I am very proud of becuase it won the semi-final for us.
My average score was 39 and my best was 62 not out.

We are starting practice over 2 weeks from now on and I can not wait.
Im kinda the specialist fielder in the team tho.. ;) [/b]

Having said that, my highest score ever was 94... some ******* came out at drinks and told me i was on 94.. Wat a douche.. so classically i tried to bring up the century in glory.. but went down in flames.. Skied it, and was off the field before the ball was caught... :%#%#:
Playing for the Baulkham Hills Sporting Club. Can't bat, Can't bowl, but can catch. I'm just there to make up the numbers and work on my tan really.

I don't think I've made 94 runs aggregate over the last few season's.

I love my cricket. Fav sport with rugby lol

I aint gonna play club this year so I can concentrate for next years rugby season but I will play for school again.. last year 9 school games I made 201 runs with a 48 and 55 which was good I used to be a bowler but I've developed into a bowling all rounder.. teams strike opening bowler.

Cant wait for 20/20 wc.
****, good to see these rugby loving cricketers come out of the woodwork, nice one guys. Don't be afraid to post up scores etc from your weekends efforts during the season too boys...
Rugby League is my favourite sport to watch as a viewer and supporter, ahead of Cricket, but I play Cricket in the Summer for Naenae old boys 2B grade and am an opening quick bowler and bowl a good line and length most times. I'm up with the top 2 or 3 best Bowlers in the club every season having been awarded many best bowler and highest wicket taker trophies for both my team and club.

I am average with the bat, shown lots of potential but never really got anywhere with it so I bat at 11 but hope to put more effort in this year.

But one thing I have done for the upcoming season that I have never done before due to being too fricken lazy is get myself in a better physical shape which also will help with the mental side of the way I approach games this season, hopefully having better fitness and a better attitude will hopefully rub off on the guys I play with to hopefully get them to lift their game and hopefully give us better success this year.

So, I'm really looking forward to this season and have some lofty goals for myself and my team, I'll keep you all updated once the season kicks off.
yeah i havnt played for about 3 seasons, got to fing a club up here.

dunno who i am going to join, but i am lookin probably more the social side of things anyway.

i was a keeper/batsman when i played.
Any of the batsman on here got some advice for a bowler looking to improve on his batting? I generally have a decent eye, and can hold up my end pretty alright. If it`s back of a length or shorter, I generally just shoulder arms. If it`s in my arc and I can see it well enough, I`ll generally play 1 of my 2 attacking strokes- either the lofted straight drive, or the heave to cow corner. If it`s moving a fair bit, I`ll just block it. So basically a real tailender. Any advice, training tips etc. welcome.
hey mate, as a teenager i had great success using a bowling machine. i payed for a few hour sessions. the bowling machine isn't great "match practise" but it teaches you to play through the V with a straight bat as it generally puts the ball in the same spot all the time. the other good thing about the bowling machine is you turn it up way faster than anything you'd face in a game, ie. abotu 85 miles per hour, or glenn mcrath if you wish. sure you'll miss heaps of balls and get heaps of edges, you wont notice any improvement, but as soon as you step back into a game, you'll realise how slow the bowling actually is, you'll see the ball a lot better and hopefully get your feet in the right spot to play the shot.

if your not confident with short balls, adjust the machine to bowl short to you. if anything it'll just build up confidence. as a teenager i was **** scared of short balls especially after i copped a ball in the head. i worked on playing short balls with the machine and now i'd say the hook and pull are my best shots. i usually respond to the first short ball with an agressive shot instead of evading the ball and whether i hit it or not, the bowler usually doesn't bowl there again during the game.
Thanks mate. Being out here in the sticks of J`Bay, well we don`t actually have a bowling machine. But if I can get enough of our guys to contribute, maybe we can make a plan. Will come in pretty handy, especially with the short-pitched stuff. Seeing as I generally dish it out with relish to the opposition quickies, I usually cop a fair share of them myself. And even though the shoulder`s pretty hard from repeated rugby hits, a cricket ball at 130km/h+ makes a whole different type of impact.
yeah i'm playing on saturday. last game of the season and last chance for me to finally get a stumping! we don't have any spinners so its not just that i'm a rubbish keeper (honest).
we started training in july.... dedication!

played a practice match out in the country 2 weeks ago and picked up 2 wickets, i was pretty stoked as i hadn't played in 5 years.

anyway, the first game of the season starts this weekend so thursday night i'll know what grade i'm playing in. i'm sure it'll be our 2nd or 3rd XI but i'll be glad to get picked for any team
I cant wait until my season starts ive been training in the holidays and im feeling pretty confident. Im an opening batsman and first or second change bowler. Though i might open the bowling if i can.

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