Downloadable movie of NZ TV3 RL2 news item

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Mario, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Please find the TV3 news item on RL2 which appeared last week on New Zealand television available for download from the following location (right click over link and choose "Save Target As" option)

    Size: 11.7MB
    Format: Quicktime MOV
    Resolution: 300x240
    Length: 1m 51s


    There is a considerable amount of footage from the trailer currently being shown at EB in Australia. This footage was taken BEFORE E3 2005 IN MAY, so please do not draw any conclusions from it with regard to the accuracy of team uniforms etc.

    However, all footage which is obviously being filmed from the projector (slightly flickery) is from a near final build of the game.

    Also, the movie itself is only being displayed at 12 frames per second so it will appear jerkier than the game will actually be in real life (the game itself runs at 50fps).
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  3. doovepop

    doovepop Guest

    great video

    just admit that i'm smarter then you.
    and that I always prove you wrong. [​IMG]
    huh you can't delete posts here.

    also why can;t i login.

    thanks mate your a champ
  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    the above post is so mad and incoherent I thought I would add a more serious one.

    Did you see the lifelike graphics on this puppy!!!


    The close-up of steve price was unreal and so was that Clint Brown intro....


    now I'm pumped.


    Oh.....looking again...

    Is that Clint Brown?

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