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Downloading Jonah Lomu Rugby?


Mr. Laxative

Guys, just wondering if anyone knew of a Jonah Lomu Rugby download. I really want to rip into this one, but of course it isn't readily available in any stores - quite sad!!! Of course, I'd want the download to be LEGAL, though if you have found a torrent place to do so........ also, is it possible to find away to convert JLR to play on mac??
I think it says some crap about you gota be a member to download from there so no luck here either :(.
Tried Ebay? might have it for a few quid on there. great game, still got mine, well my dads :D
Got it for PC for bout 99P at gamestation a few months back but won't work on Vista :(
I figured i'd buy a playstation (mine was stolen agos ago) and buy JLR on ps1 for about 99p.

If the PC game can't be edited, then ps1 will have to do.