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I cant think of a username

I used to use Limewire to download my music but was told the owner of the broadband company I use (its a small company) that I have to get rid of it, now Im not allowed have any p2p programs any more so I was wondering is there any site I can use for music for free? If not what's the best legal site for music? I found Allofmp3.com which seems to be the cheapest @ 5-10 cent a song, but is there anything better? Thanks
Well I am using iTunes at the moment & its seems fine to me. I did have Napster, but iTunes had a better selection. Itunes charges 79p a song, I'm unsure how much that is though in cents.
Would *REMOVED* be classed as P2P?

I think it is but not quite sure...
We don't endorse any copyright infrigement or downloading of copyright material here guys.

Hate to do it but this ones........CLOSED
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