Dragons sign Kiwi scrum-half Lee

Discussion in 'Guinness Pro14' started by Cymro, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Newport Gwent Dragons have signed ex-New Zealand scrum-half Danny Lee, 33, on a two-year deal.

    Lee has played Super 14 rugby for Wellington Hurricanes, Chiefs and Auckland Blues.

    "Danny's been a proven performer at the highest level in New Zealand rugby over the past few years," said Dragons head coach Paul Turner

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  3. How many New Zealanders are in the Dragons ranks now? Some will argue that it's bad for Wales when a team have so many non-Wales qualified players. I view it slightly differently. The Dragons were providing next to no players to the Welsh team. If a team dominated by foreign players can help bring 4 or 5 Welsh players up to international standard, is that not infinitely better than a squad of 22 subpar Welshmen who provide no players to Warren Gatland? Paul Turner has recruited really well.
  4. Cymro

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    They are still in the 6NWQ players they are allowed!

    Dragons have produced the likes of Ian Gough, Steve Jones, Kevin Morgan, Rhys Thomas, Luke Chateris and Michael Owen to Wales in recent times so they o produce players. The Dragons are seriously underfunded by the WRU and Paul Turner works miracles down in Newport.
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    it is a surprise that they wanted another scrum half when their nippers from the academy are doing so well, its 10 they have a problem, as shaun conner has never been up to this level of rugby.

    Jason Tovey is touted by Paul Turner as the new fly-half revelation, and he did look good at 10 in the under 20s and the one game i saw during the six nations. he has been superb for the dragons at 15

    Pul turner is performing miracles, although under funded and with a weaker squad than the other regions the dragons are y far the best coached.

    they really play for each other...

    funny also that the other finely coached team in my opinion is Connacht, one of the other lowly teams dwindling at the bottom yet like the dragons steadily improving and getting a few good results that count
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