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Dragons v Edinburgh


An Tarbh

Both teams will be looking to bounce back from their dissappointing performances last week which saw them lose to Leinster and Cardiff respectively.

Simon Taylor makes his first appearance back from injury for Edinburgh. Meanwhile for the Dragons Aled Thomas comes in at full-back with Paul Emerick ruled out with a shoulder injury, Nathan Brew moves to outside centre. In the second row Andrew Hall and Luke Charteris start while Colin Charvis comes in at openside flanker

Newport Gwent Dragons: 15 Aled Thomas, 14 Gareth Wyatt, 13 Nathan Brew, 12 Ashley Smith, 11 Aled Brew, 10 Mike Hercus, 9 Alex Walker, 8 Joe Bearman, 7 Colin Charvis ©, 6 Jamie Ringer, 5 Luke Charteris, 4 Andrew Hall, 3 Lee Harrison, 2 Kieran Crawford, 1 Adam Black.
Replacements: 16 Ben Daly, 17 Jamie Corsi, 18 Bryn Griffiths, 19 Nic Fitisemanu, 20 Richard Fussell, 21 Craig Warlow, 22 Gareth Baber.

Edinburgh: 15 Ander Monro, 14 Mike Pyke, 13 Andrew Easson, 12 Ben Cairns, 11 David McCall, 10 Duncan Hodge ©, 9 Greig Laidlaw, 8 Simon Taylor, 7 Alan MacDonald, 6 Alasdair Strokosch, 5 Steven Turnbull, 4 Matt Mustchin, 3 Alasdair Dickinson, 2 Andrew Kelly, 1 Dave Hewett.
Replacements: 16 Steven Lawrie, 17 Kyle Traynor, 18 Chris Bentley, 19 Ross Rennie, 20 Simon Cross, 21 Alastair Warnock, 22 AN OTHER.
It will be interesting to see how this game goes.
The Brew Brothers are in the game and they have been a huge asset for the game and Hercus has been fitting in well with the Dragons.
Let's hope they can keep their structure and play a flowing game.

It's just under 25 mins to kick off and it's raining miserably in Cardiff. 12 Miles up the road in Newport will surely tell the same weather report.
Knock ons galore guys!

These are the celtic league games i dread.
Greasy ball, cold hands...yet i'm still gonna watch the game. :rolleyes:
Hercus didn't look overly impressive last week though.

Good win tonight though for the Dragons, Edinburgh have picked up some decent results during the international period, so good result for the Dragons.
Total wash out! Had to peer through the rain to actually see anything!

Top marks to Dragons for grinding out a result, especially after such a strong first half from Edinburgh.
Yeah, the Dragons did well to pull out a win in such conditions.
You're right about Hercus, An Tarbh, he didn't play well tonight either.
Warlow really helped the game, but Charvis had a stormer, one of the Brew brothers (Nathan this time) made a mark on the game again and Charvis as ever (regardless of the conditions) was ineffective at the line out...even if he is 6'10"!!!
12 starting players out on international duty, 1 injured and 1 making a return from injury. Hardly our first choice but that's the SRU for you.

Dissapointed not to have won that game, even though the Dragons had the best of the match. Made too many errors and our back 3 had nae idea what was going. Probably a fair result, and a losing point is better than no point.
Yeah, i think Edinburgh did very well considering how many players they had lost and for most of the first half i thought Duncan Hodge's tactical kicking was so good that it was going to keep the Dragons from having a win.
Dragons have only lost 5 players to the Welsh squad, but it was too miserable a night for any form of glamorous rugby.

I'm just glad i got to see as many tries as i did.

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