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Dragons v Ospreys



Dragons: Martin Thomas; Gareth Wyatt, Gareth Maule, Phil Dollman, Jimmy Norris; Aled Thomas, Alex Walker; Dai Maddocks, Ben Daly, Jamie Corsi, Andrew Hall, Peter Sidoli, Dan Lydiatt, Joe Bearman, Michael Owen (capt).
Replacements: Steve Jones, Gethin Robinson/Adam Black, Ian Gough, Jamie Ringer, Paul Emerick, Ceri Sweeney, Gareth Cooper/Gareth Baber.

Ospreys: TBC

The Dragons have named seven academy players in their side to face the Ospreys.

Justin Marshall will be absent from the Ospreys as he will be playing in the Classic New Zealand side against Japan XV on 9th May and 12th May. It has also been confirmed that Ryan Jones will be out for rest of the season for the Ospreys with a shoulder injury.

Gavin Henson doesn't look to be fit enough to face the Dragons, though he may feature in the Ospreys last game of the season against Border Reivers.

The Ospreys have to win this game, then wait for the game on Friday between Blues v Leinster. The Ospreys will then have to beat at Border Reivers on Saturday to have a chance of winning the league.
Ahh, you beat me to it.
I was just about to do this one.

Yeah, I'm going to be on the edge of my seat for this one.
If we hadn't mucked up against Glasgow we wouldn't be relying on other people's points. As it is we've now got to keep an eye out on the Cardiff/Leinster game on friday.
We can and should beat the Dragons, but Leinster are in the driving seat.

Osreys line up as follows:

15 Lee Byrne
14 Nikki Walker/ Jonathan Vaughton
13 Sonny Parker
12 Andrew Bishop/ James Hook
11 Shane Williams
10 James Hook/ Shaun Connor
9 Jason Spice

8 Jonathan Thomas/ Andy Lloyd
7 Richard Pugh
6 Andy Lloyd/ Lee Beach
5 Alun Wyn Jones
4 Brent Cockbain/ Mike Powell
3 Adam Jones/ Andrew Millward
2 Barry Williams
1 Duncan Jones/ Paul James (whomever is selected will be Captain)
Half time Score:

Dragons 6 - 10 Ospreys

It has been a truly attrotious half with the weather making everything difficult: both playing and watching.
Ospreys want to keep to a running game but keep dropping the ball after either the first or second pass and Dragons are playing the sensible kicking game, with a bit of running...and then dropping the ball.

Ospreys are half way to their 4 try aim.
Dragons have got to penalties to their name.

Let's hope the 2nd half isn't as scrappy.
Dragons 13 - 27 Ospreys.

The o's get the 4 tries and the bonus point win they were looking for.
Scrappy game under horrible conditions.
Nothing spectacular about the game, it was all a matter of getting the job done as far as the O's were concerned.

Now it's up to Cardiff to beat Leinster on Friday.

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