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Dreamcast 2?

Seems like Sega hasn't learned its lesson they better not release Dreamcast 2 now otherwise it will do worse than the first one. I actually owned master system and genesis but the never played a saturn or dreamcast. Its a shame really because they made some quality games but Sega always played 2nd or worse against other consoles.

Stop wasting bodily fluid. Its never going to happen. They have neither the finances nor the muscle they once had to bring a new console to market.

In a situation, where most console makers lose money on each one they sell and have to make their money off of the games, services and addons that they sell and where competition is on a multi-billion dollar level you either have to be either insane, stupid or incredibly clever to bring a console to market in this situation.

Nintendo are incredibly clever. Sega however on part performance...are not. But they're clever enough to know that they shouldn't go back into consoles.
it would have to be something quite amazing to match it with what is out at the moment. the 360 and ps3 are battling for the high-end part of the console market and Nintendo with the Wii have pretty much got what is leftover leaving no room for sega to come in at all.

Sega aren't exactly loaded like microsoft and sony so in my opinion they would be aiming for the part of the market where nintendo is with the Wii. I somehow doubt sega unless they have something amazing could outdo the genius design of the Wii.

Sega if they do release a dreamcast 2 are better off waiting till the next generation of consoles come out because baring a miracle they will proabbly all be pretty close in terms of graphical power ie HD and the online play will be a lot smoother too. Sega could then push their games etc as to why they are better than the others and would proabbly get at least some marketshare instead of 0 if they released in this generation of consoles
The day they handed Sonic the Hedgehog over to Nintendo is the day they bowed out of the consol making business.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Do they even make their own Arcade parts anymore? Thats a pretty obvious sign that they're in no shape to even make a console.
I hate to be a bubble burster, but such is the ferocity of this rumour, Sega have had to go on record as saying they have "no plans to get back into the console business". As much as i'd love a new Sega console, it'd probably be best if they make the third-party developing and publishing side of their business profitable before they try it again. I'm guessing the trademark renewal is just to make sure no-one else tries and gets a hold of it to ruin its reputation as a well-respected console within the gaming community.

And for the record, they still produce Arcade hardware. I think Lindbergh is their most recent architecture, powering After Burner Climax, Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Fighter 5.
Maybe it will comeback as a handheld? [/b]

Even though its been confirmed above that dreamcast is not coming out, for sega to bring out a handheld now would even be worse than bringing out a console. The ds is selling a lot and the psp isnt doing too bad another handheld in this current climate would be suicide.