Drop Goal Challenge

Discussion in 'Rugby Challenge Series' started by benchwarmer_chriswhitaker, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Yeh, I no both 2001 and 2004 are both utter rubbish. but me and a frend have developed a way to make the game a touch more bearable. Its called drop goal challenge.


    Start a friendly game.

    Choose whichever teams each player wants.

    The game is won by the person who scores the most drop goals. However, if someone scores a try, they lose 5 of 7 points depending on whether or not they converted the try.

    If the player kicks or runs the ball into touch, 2 points are deducted from their total.

    If the player misses a drop goal, one point is deducted.

    Penalty goals are not counted.

    Not much of a game, but try it - you might actually enjoy it.
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  3. maddog79

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  4. candybum

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    i dont know y ppl bag 2001 so much !!! i mean sure it wasnt the best, da rucks awful, but i really liked the running aspect of it... i mean dat game lay the foundation for the rugby games in the future !! I STILL PLAY IT !!!
  5. Los Lover

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    I like the invention...but I have two questions:

    - why would you go for a try?
    - and if the conversion is bad, then you'd just miss the damn thing every time...what's the point?

    Come over to the dark side and do my Rugby 2004 challenge! Hehe. [​IMG]
  6. Is this the official "England's Story of the RUWC World Cup 2003" videogame?
  7. cavan

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    aye we used to do this too. My mates and I used to simulate a Gaelic Football match on a JLR by trying to kick the ball up the whole pitch and then take a dropgoal from 5 metres in front of the posts. It was illegal to run the ball, you had to kick, kick kick [​IMG]
  8. Black|Raven

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    true dat!
    2001 wasn't as bad as "the game that shall not be named" [​IMG]
  9. JLR was. i would rather play that than 2001 and sometimes more than 2004, depending on my mood. if i could pick only one rugby game to play for the rest of my life it would be JLR, but it could change after i get 05
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