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As it's supposedly a July 19th or 23rd release date for the game (depending on where you look), a lot of info will be coming out here, there and everywhere. So, to keep things nice and simple (being as the conformation thread has gone all about the houses), put all info and news here.

Gamespot (PS2)

Gamespot (360) - Nothing (yet)

Gamespot (PC) - Nothing (yet)

IGN (PS2) - Nothing (yet)

IGN (360) - Nothing (yet)

IGN (PC) - Nothing (yet)

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Keep it tidy guys! ;)
well HMV has all platforms for release for the 31st of October, but its listed under Rugby 07, so that can't be right, and same with amazon. Ea are being such nobs about this, they've already announced fifa 08. GOD :(
I dont think it looks like we will get any official info. They must just going to be chucking it into the shops and thats that. Fooking pathetic!

We should however hopefully have some insider (cough) info possibly by 6th June, but thats not the point really.
Just checking the Game website (the shop in the uk) it has rugby 08 down for a july 20th release date. on ps2 only though. But i'm sure pc will be there also. Oh ye! can't wait!
i HAVE SEEN THE BOX IN EB GAMES(NZ) AND THEY SAID NZ JULY 19 RELEASE DATE. IT (the case) mentioned dynamic new set peices (who knows what that means). 30 classic matches (with modern players).officailly licenced 2007 world cup with new hub.

i have only seen the ps2 version.
been around town today, and went to a little independant game shop and also a Virgin XS store and they had rugby 08 for a July 20th release on Ps2 and pc. Sounds good! Better be a gd one due to the long wait we've had! :wall:
The features from Woosaah's link in his last post


Originally posted by gamewizz

Product Details
Experience all of the passion and excitement of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France as you challenge the best teams and players ever assembled for global supremacy.

A nation's destiny is in your hands when you take control of one of the officially licensed national teams in EA SPORTS Rugby 08 and power your way through a gruelling six-week World Cup campaign for the sports' ultimate prize â€" the glorious Webb Ellis Cup.

EA Sports Rugby 08 is building upon the excitement leading up to the 2007 World Cup in France. New modes introduced this year include the Rugby World Cup and the World Cup Challenge mode. On top of these exiting additions, we have introduced all new gameplay features including simplified lineouts and defensive formations. We've topped all this by achieving a whole new feel to the game through all new cameras that allow unprecedented view of all the action on the field

  • The Rugby World Cup • A campaign through 6 grueling weeks of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France • A central hub keeping the user aware of all World Cup progress • Team management, injuries, squad rotation for greater depth • IRB World Cup Presentation • Extensive use of Rugby World Cup historical facts, photos and video footage

  • World Cup Challenge Mode • Takes key moments from World Cup History and allows the user to replay them. • Uses historical facts and scenarios (with current rosters) and throws the player in to the game to try to recreate history. • Rewards are unlocked after completing each scenario (photos, players, etc).

  • Truck and Zoom Camera • Introduce new camera angles that allow the user to see more of the action on the field. • Zoom in on breakdowns to better see the action at these key moments. • Allow the user to see the result of conversion and penalty kicks. • Allow user to see where they are aiming when kicking from a stoppage.

  • New Set Pieces • Line-outs o Simplify throw in controls o Provide greater functionality and authenticity for advanced users • Scrums o More control over push and rotation o Utilising accessible control system

  • Defensive Formations on the Fly • Allows the user to quickly select defensive formations • Can react to attacking style/field position of opponent • Reflects authentic Defensive formations seen in modern rugby
That information seems genuine enough being as they are the distributors. 20th July will probably be a better release date as its on a Friday. The previous rumoured release date as 19th July would be strange as its a Thursday release date.
I can only find the release date on SH websites. Is there a confirmed release date in britain? And any slim chance of a psp versiopn?

French sites display a July 19th release, so britain should have the same release date.
Look what I found...


Also at Game.co.uk;

Released: PREORDER - 20-Jul-2007

Availability: 47 days until release!
Was looking at that snippet and found myself far more excited by the features listed for Madden 08. How great would it be to have gang tackles in rugby.
I wonder what tweaked means in the case of rucks and mauls. Improving mauling shouldn't take much effort as it basically didn't exist in rugby 06 except for the lame maul from lineouts.
A refined version of 2001's Mauling and Scrum system would be nice, although no doubt it'll end up being yet more button thwacking.
Am I the only person to think that Juan Martin Hernandez has been completely under-rated in every Ea sports rugby game he has been in???
thats really good davidson......niiiiiiiice.

this game will be an updated rugby 06, and thats pretty much it!
according to one of the sites listed at the start of this topic, the scrumage control has been changed

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