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Ea sports 08 saints away



anybody know what the saints away kit looks like on the game? is it possible for a picture???? cheers
cheers, i was gonna buy the shirt this season but now... probably not..
its yellow shorts, mostly yellow jersey that fades to green on the shoulders and has the standard home kit green and black socks. its possibly the worst kit in any sport. i didnt mind the all white one with coloured stripes like the bradford bulls rl kit
sorry for quality. camera phone

cheers for screenshot, errr, thats not good... we are gonna look right muppets in that...
The game is based on last season.... and that shirt is NOT the new saints away kit , its one kooga designed for last season but we replaced it with the white one , the club have stated neither kit will change for our pledge season!
<div class='quotemain'> why are the saints in the game, while leeds aren't? :S [/b]

Nobody supports Leeds, so they'd loose far too many sales!

:lol: :lol: