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Early season predictions.



Yes, it's bit early but here's a chance to showcase the Nostrabullshitdamus in you and predict the league outcomes. Who will finish in the top 4, who will go back down to the Championship, who will finish the season with the most goals, blah blah blah...etc. Come up with anything you can think of.

Here's my top 4:

1. Liverpool
2. Manchester United
3. Chelsea
4. Newcastle United (miracles has happened)

For the drop:

1. Fulham
2. Derby
3. Wigan

Golden Boot winner:

1. Fernando Torres
2. Obafemi Martins
3. Berbatov
I can't see Liverpool jumping from 3rd to 1st straight away. They've made some decent signings, but need time to gel.

Can see Man Utd grinding out another ***le. They have a solid base to work from and have made some intelligent signings.
Liverpool? Are you crazy? :p Newcastle will be lucky if they finish in the top half! Man United will win it again, providing no major injuries to all of their starting 11, Chelsea second, then a muddle of Arsenal, Bolton, Tottenham, etc. etc.

There's no way Martin's will get 2nd in the golden boot, the last time he scored more than 5 goals in a season we were watching the pictures in black and white, and Berbatov, playing in the rotation system at Tottenham and with Darren Bent arriving there as well, won't get to play enough to get 3rd.
Newcastle have made some good signings this yeart, so I wouldn't be suppriesed them to get a UEFA cup place, top 4 is a bit far fetched however.

Man Utd should cruise this season, Chel$k! look to be disintigrating with all their unsettled players and Arsenal won't do anything.

My guesses will be something like;

Man Utd
Spurs (if ManU don't pinch Berbatov)

Top Scorer;
With no strikers and Wenger more interested in his "specialist" youths (reference to a terrace chant, there!), the Arse don't have any hope this year IMHO, whereas Everton I believe will come good.
I honestly believe Walcotts skills would be better put to use as a winger. He's too small to be put to best use up front, especially against the better centre backs, but has enough pace to be a nusance along the flank.
Ah, but note that Owen is permanantly in a state of traction, Defore is utter shite and Rooney is built like a brick shithouse.
Yet, even if I did agree with your views on the players, they are still put to their best use up front. Hmm, strange that.
My point there being, bar Rooney (who I think should be CAM anyway), none of them can compete with the worlds best strikers. Walcott is young enough to develop his game as a winger, where he could eventually shine on an international level.

As a Centre forward, he'll never be better then average.
My point there being, bar Rooney none of them can compete with the worlds best strikers...As a Centre forward, he'll never be better then average. [/b]

That, my friend, is absolute ********! How can you possibly argue that Owen isn't one of the world's best? Even if he has been injured recently, he was one of the world's very best international strikers over the past 10 years (proved by the fact that he broke Linekar's all-time scoring record - and he's still only 27!!!), and at such a young age, certainly has the potential to be one of those elite again.

As for other short forwards, Maradona was only 5'5" and played as the second striker for Argentina and often the lone striker at club level, and he is commonly regarded as scoring the 'goal of the century' against England in 1986.

I think that is sufficient proof that height is not neccessarily a requisite factor to playing centre forward, and that the shorter players in the game can be world class - it just leads to use of different tactics. Yes, Walcott can be a winger, but Thierry Henry can be a winger as well, and his record of playing for France in that position pales in comparison to his record playing as centre forward for Arsenal - he is now commonly regarded as one of the best strikers in the domestic game. Walcott can, and will, be a superb striker.
1.Man U
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Spurs

I expect Liverpool to pick up some trophies however, make some big buys next season and win the league 2008/2009. :bana:
Top 4:

1. Chelsea
2. Man.U
3. Liverpool
4. Spurs

The drop:

20. Derby
19. Wigan
18. Sunderland

Liverpool are going under heaps of pressure, particularly if they bag Quaresma or Simao on top of their signings already, but they'll be out of the race by November again. Which will give them time to try out a couple of new things, gel as a squad, and scare the beejeebus out of people in 08/09 (but not win it. Yet.)
Top 4:

1. Chelsea
2. Man.U
3. Liverpool
4. Spurs [/b]

Chel$k! are a spent force, one more bad season (which is very possible this year looking at their import/export ratio and Mourinio looking more and more like having a nervous breakdown each week) and I think the mafia will pull the plug.
1. Man U
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Spurs

20.Sunderland (after Keano has a mental breakdown)

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