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Edinburgh 32 - 31 Lodon Wasps



Well, we did it...and we played the last 10 minutes with 14 mean. Execellent never-say-die performance, ref was a bit poor but for both sides. Great atmosphere was well but I did enjoy giving Dellagio and Dawson abuse. My favourite insult was 'Stand up Dawson, oh sorry....you already are'. Patterson's kicking wasn't all that great today and had he been on top performance the score line would have alot more embarrassing for the Wasps. Really entertaining game though and I was on the edge of my seat until the whistle went. Bring on the Toulouse!!!
Well done!

Toulouse eh? Gee you really got your work cut out for you there.

hahahaha............your line at Dawson was so funny, might use it for Gregan (nah I'm not that mean)
Who at all our pies? That fat *******, that fat ******* - Tim Payne ate all our pies! Go you guns!!
I agree, it'll be a tougher match but we've beaten them before at home - not impossible to do it again. I think that we can think about qualifying for the quarter finals after today but there's no point in just talking about beating the Wasps and Toulouse, Llanelli are a good side aswell and while we've allready had a result down at Stradey Park but we will not treat the game as a walkover cause it will be far from it. I think if we can get a couple of results against Llanelli and possibly beat Toulouse at Murrayfield plus some bonus points along the way we might qualify. This has to be one of, if not the, toughest group this season and it would make my the happiest lad ever if we were to qualify.
it would be a massive ask to for the gunners to qualify but certainly not impossible they played really good against wasps today.
well after that we've got to be in contention, certainly should finnished 3rd at least. Unless it all goes ***s up and we loose every game from here on in.

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