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Edinburgh v Ospreys


An Tarbh

Jason Spice will start at out-half for the Ospreys this evening with Shaun Connor and Gavin Henson out injured and James Hook rested. Wales squad members Adam Jones, Brent Cockbain and Jonathan Thomas all start, but Duncan Jones and Scotland's Nikki Walker are kept on the bench.

Allan Jacobsen comes into the front row for Edinburgh, while Simon Cross and Alan MacDonald start in the back row. Greig Laidlaw plays at scrum-half and Lucio Lopez Fleming is on the left wing. In all 7 internationals are rested for the home side with out-half Phil Godman on the bench.

Edinburgh: Alistair Warnock, Matt Dey, Ben Cairns, Peter Jorgensen, Lucio Lopez Fleming, Duncan Hodge (capt), Greig Laidlaw, Allan Jacobsen, Andrew Kelly, Geoff Cross, Matt Mustchin, Chris Bentley, Alasdair Strokosch, Simon Cross, Alan MacDonald.
Replacements: Steven Lawrie, Dave Hewett, Fergus Pringle, Ross Rennie, John Senio, Phil Godman, Dave McCall.

Ospreys: Stefan Terblanche; Jonathan Vaughton, Sonny Parker, Andrew Bishop, Richard Mustoe; Jason Spice, Justin Marshall; Paul James (capt), Barry Williams, Adam Jones, Brent Cockbain, Jonathan Thomas, Andy Lloyd, Steve Tandy, Filo Tiatia.
Replacements: Huw Bennett, Cai Griffiths, Duncan Jones, Mike Powell, Tom Smith, Jonathan Spratt, Nikki Walker.

Referee: Peter Fitzgibbon (Ireland)
A good team, and not easy to beat on an away journey.
But Ospreys do have a pretty good team lined up, however, a loss would not surprise me.

I'm not sure what we're doing about our fly half situation.
I don't think Shaun Connor's fit, henson's out, and hook's on international duty.
Is that the Peter Jorgenson playing centre for Edinburgh?

As in Australian guy, not that tall, quite strong.

Anybody able to fill me in? I'm hoping it is, he's a legend.
I can't seem to gind any highlights anywhere for this game but it really looked like quite a convincing win on Ospreys behalf.
5 tries scored (and ospreys are not exactly known for producing bonus point wins recently) by: -

Johnny Vaughton,
Steve Tandy,
Steffan Terblanche,
Justin Marshall,
Huw Bennett

3rd in the table and right on the heels of leinster and ulster, with cardiff nipping just behind.

We're really putting our "2nds" squad to good use during the internationals.
I was at the game. Edinburgh missing 11 first XV players against a near full strength Ospreys so it was always going to be against us. Has to be said that that was simply the worst refereeing performance I've ever seen. Constant offsides, forward passes and several squint throws went unpunnished. Only 1 of the Osprey's tires was scored without an infringement in the making.

Worrying thing for Em'bra is, that that'll probably be our team at the rate all the international players are being poached.
No :
Shane Williams,
Gavin Henson,
James Hook,
Ryan Jones,
Alyn Wyn Jones,
Sonny Parker,
Lee Byrne and
Shaun Connor (back-up fly half),

When we're missing all those players there's no way one could call that a "near full strength" squad.
Apart from Shaun Connor all those boys look to be starting every week.
I honestly didn't see this win as inevitable. Edinburgh is a difficult palce to travel to and win, especially with a bonus point. However, i cna't comment on the match because there are no highlights to be found.
Will have to wait til scrumv tomorrow night.
Plus, it just occured to me, we had Jason Spice playing Fly Half.
As good a scrum half as he is, his kicking game is limited to box kicks!
Marshall MUST have been controlling that game and giving the ball to spice as a last resort, or if it was a play set up for the centres/wings.
percisely, tht was not our first team by any stretch of the imagination!!
A very enjoyable game, from my point of view.
The "2nds" are really shining through and with Marshall at 9 and Spice at 10 the rugby was quick, it was often ball in hand and they didn't concentrate on a kicking game. THAT'S where ospreys are dangerous. We concentrate on a kickin game far too often, i say.
When we run the ball, look how destructive we can be.

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