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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by lazy_chesnut, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    I have made a program to edit existing players in the game.

    If you think Robinson is too fast, Rokocoko too slow, etc. use this to edit the players statistics.

    Go to rugbydownloads.bizhat.com to download it.

    If anyone has any suggestions for future versions, please let me know here.



    mods: does this deserve sticky-ing? [​IMG]
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  3. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    well done - good for PC 4 sure.

    Do PS2 or Xboxers have tips for getting around this problem as per my thread I started that no one has put a suggestion in?

  4. kauka187

    kauka187 Guest

    it doesnt work for me

    i get this error:
    Run time error '339'
    component 'comctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

    any help please. really need to edit nick evans speed
  5. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    oh it's those VB runtimes again!


    I'm not sure If I can put the file up on my site - copyright and all that. give me a sec I'll find out
  6. kauka187

    kauka187 Guest

    quick reply. awesome. cheers if you can do that. is there another way i can do it tho if you cant put the file up?
  7. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Ok I've put up a version of the Editor which comes as a Setup.exe and will install on your computer.

    Only thing is that the file size is a lot bigger, but still only 1.6MB

    Both versions are on the site (check Editors section).

    If you can't be bothered to download the 1.6MB version, just google "comctl32.ocx" and you should find some info on what to do.

    Hope that helps.
  8. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Thanks Lazy_chesnut, great news theres a player editor!

    any chance you could post some very brief installation and user instructions for us?
  9. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Look at the read me file.

    when you have the players visible, just edit them how you want, and press save.
  10. Wally

    Wally Guest

    It tells me it isn't a valid win32 application. Any ideas? I'd love to have this editor!
  11. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    nice work, too bad i don't have it yet to test out
  12. scot

    scot Guest

    okay i've got it up and running and have changed numerous stats yet when i go into the game nothing has changed. what could be wrong? am i saving it to the wrong roster or something? help!
  13. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Firstly, are you editing the .ros file in My Documents\EA Sports\Rugby 2005\<rostername>.ros\ or are you editing the 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.rsf file?

    If you are editing the rsf file, you need to put it in your Rugby 2005 root directory, and go to 'My Rugby' -> and choose to restore rosters to default in-game.

    Then it will look at your .rsf file in the root directory, and delete the .rod file in My Documents\......

    Look in the ReadMe file for more detailed information, that's what it's there for.

    Good luck,


    As for anyone with error messages, go to my site HERE and download the new "Installation" version of my editor, and try again.

    It is a larger file, but contains everything you need to run a VB application on your computer - I hope!
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    Um...any ideas on how to be constructive in getting around editor probs for consoles..??

    No one addressed my quite insightful (IMO) thread furtherback....

    come ON!!!


  15. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    get a PC?

  16. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    hahaha!!! [​IMG]

    That's good.

    I have a number of reasons why I won't be going down that dark path, but I'll give you two:

    - my set-up for PS2

    - the possible presence of friends


    I am using your thread to ask a similar vein of questioning to the console majority....no offence., or anything...just not sure a PC nut can help me.
  17. Darhf

    Darhf Guest

    My guess is that the rosters file can be transferred and used from pc to a PS2 memory card. i don't have the material to try it. Action replay with usb keys can do this kind of stuff I think.
  18. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Another imaginative - there-no-boundaries - PC gamer??

    hehe - just jokes.

    Never got that Action Replay thing - I just want to PLAY...

    Let me at that thing.....give me that Rugby 2005...give it to me!!!

  19. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    you guys should try it [​IMG]

    cmon....cmon....cmon.. [​IMG]
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