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Editing Rugby Challenge 2006



Hi there.

If anyone still comes to this forum, i would like to find out an answer to a question..

Has anyone managed to figure out how to open the bag files for modifying faces? I thought BLIC editor may work, but alas not. Also a dat. editor will not work.

I can do the kits, but i cannot manage to alter stats (which a DB program should do) and can't alter player faces although there is a face editor.

Am i wasting my time?
If you access the older topics on this forum you'll be able to see some handy hints for editing :)
So.. is that a YES, that you can edit the faces, and the team and player stats?

Kits are easy, and logos should be ok, but it sucks when for example if i want to add Harlequins, but i can't because the faces of the players dont match anything like.
Pass. There is a guy called Jeff B who used to be handy with the old editing - why not PM and ask him how much he knows?

I have looked through all the posts and threads for RC2006 but there isn't anything conclusive that says that the games bag. files can be edited for anything other than kits, logos.

I think it is a waste of time to continue modding RC2006 if it cannot all be edited. But what i will say is that if you are doing the rugby league kits, there is a Harlequins team/kit in RC2006. If you need it, i can email it to you.

I was wondering whether to try to update the game for the World Cup this year..
I looked into the editing of the teamandplayerinfo.bag file.

It opens, and the files inside are dat files. Once extracted, they do open in notepad, and reveal the original names of the players for each team that you picked. However, i can't find a pure dat editing program that translates the data onto the program. They all seem to be made for games like Dune etc. I assume this could be used to edit stats if it worked.

I used to do it to a tee on nba live 2003. There is nothing you couldn't change, but if you have any ideas jeff, let me know.

I'm sure you can edit the game, but it's a case of doing it easily. This is seriously hard work at the moment!
if you want send me the playerinfo.bag file, ill see what i can do. or if you could send me the dat files extracted that might be cool as well as i cant be bothered extracting them myself.

i might be able to whip up a quick program for you to use.
What's your email woosaah? I'll email you the file.

I can open the teamandplayerinfobag file and it reveals dat files. I am sure that as per nba live 2003 (for example) that there is data that can be edited to affect everything, even the running of the game.

For example, you could change the data field to give away more penalties etc. It is effectively re-programming the game system, or tweaking. You don't need a player editor in the game, if there is access to editable player bio files, so you can adjust height, weight, stats and hopefully, the faces.

If this can be done, it would certainly make the game better. The Baggi studios for BLIC is fine, but im sure it doesnt work because it's not calibrated to RC06, just for BLIC, that's why it makes the error messages.

I can make kits, and possibly faces, it just needs a way to be able to input them into a game and it not crash. Ideally, the best way to edit this game for the faces i assume would be to alter the face templates. Many of the players have the same face. They must all share the same template. However, if the face is changed for that then maybe new ones can be added or alternatively, if each face can be identified, then the generic faces can be selected in the data program to show for example a bald black player for george gregan, not the one who's face is there now.

That's the logic, but i don't have the technical nouse to be able to make a program.
gave you a PM, dont think i will be able to do too much as i dont have the game and wont be able to reference anything.

it will probably end up being a glorified hex editor.
Ok, here's the good news.

Here's what's easy to do.

All kits, of all teams (even the custom career team kits)
All logos of all teams
All team balls of all teams

The rest can be edited, like the crowd.. but it's useless to do so unless you only ever play as one team, in which case you can make 10,000 Wigan fans (paid actors obviously)

The bad news..

So far is that i can't find a DAT editor for extracted teaminfo DAT files. Opens in notepad but is mixed up names, numbers and binaries. Can't make head nor tail.

Can access playerheads.bag but can't identify the extracted files to edit them. Face editor will not work. I am sure there is a way to edit the DAT to affect a team's rating, and a players rating.. just can't access it.

Also the same for the player editing. There are dds. files (editable) that have skin tone, body shape/size and this must be linked to player data somewhere. The idea i have is that you can open each players file and change the face, shape and colour.

i.e George Gregan gets a new bald black tone head, and a new black tone body.

I just need something to open a visual on the head files so they can be saved, and also an idea to the template. It maybe very similar to BLIC faces, but the only problem i have is how the player faces are listed in the database. Who would File1 be?

That's the problem.

Oh and also.. i can edit the graphics, however i am having lots of trouble getting transparency to work on the logos. Can anyone help? The only way i managed to do this before in a game was with the graphics editor.
do you have any stats for any of hte players? I dont know how the numbers are stored as yet, or if i am getting them from the right place

i think i have found year of birth, but i am just guessing as i dont have the game :)

The stats usually are:-

(another category as well i think)

.. and they vary from 6% to 100%. Someone like Justin Marshall (Leeds Tykes in the game) for example would have better handling.

In the game itself, all the info that is revealed is:-

Their faces
Their skill stats
Their position played (THP, tight head prop etc)

There is no other data, unless it is for the made-up career players/coaches.

Just one more thing.. jeffb do you know how to make the logos background transparent.. it always saves as white.
well surly there is some info there? like dob or stuff? cause i totally am working blind otherwise
Fraid not Woosaah. In the game all there is, is the names of the players and their stats and position. That's it.

I can give you names, but thats all the idenitification i can find. There is not bio data at all. There maybe date of birth, but currently it is not viewable in the game.

How i would love DB commander to work with this.. :angry:

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