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England in quick-ball shocker



BBC Sport

This surely leaves the door open for Peter Richards or Shaun Perry to claim the 9 jersey for the World Cup.

For all his athleticism, I have never been a fan of Ellis due to the length of time it takes for the ball to get from in a ruck to the hands of the fly-half.

The bad news is that the rest of the world will not be able to to laugh at good old Harry's bird impression, with regards to the flapping of his arms. The good news is that the English backs might receive slightly quicker ball and be able to show that they are not in fact a complete bunch of numpties afterall.
It'll never happen.

They'll make a robotic ellis rather than settle for Richards or Perry.
I think Richards should be Englands no.9 for the WC. I rate him higher than Ellis & Perry.
Care should be ahead of Ellis and Perry. Hell, even Johnny Howard should be ahead of Ellis...
Stop pushing Care, nobody has heard of Care for gods sake! In the next few years, Care will be old enough.

For now, lets just settle for those who are good enough, like Perry and Richards. Perry preferably, he has a more accurate pass without taking a step (unlike Richards).

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