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England Management



This isn't to discuss Brian Ashton, but I read this and thought it was interesting:


I think that perhaps Martin Johnson shouldn't be made manager straight away, but perhaps people like him, Jason Robinson, Matt Dawson, Dallaglio etc. could at least be part of the England coaching staff?

What d'you guys think? If anything. :toss:
You question whether there's any sense in the RFU.
You finally get a coach that can get you places and what do you do with him?

Bloody geniuses, the lot of them...
But they're hyponotised about the mystique of Jake White, they're on a runaway train towards dumping Ashton completely in December and trying to get Jake White here via any means and methods neccessary.

Is that right? No, I don't. For one Ashton should stay in the coaching set up in one form of another, as head coach? I don't think so but as backs coach, definitely. And for another, we should be looking to tempt some of our own dynamite coaching talent from the clubs. As far as the media knows, nobody with a British passport has been bothered by Rob Andrew and the RFU.