England V France In Yokohama

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    Oct 6, 2019
    6 of us are meeting up in Tokyo on Thursday (October 10th). I'm flying from Texas, 1 is coming in from Singapore & 4 others flying in from the UK. The ENG/FRA game at Yokohama on Saturday will be the centerpiece of our trip but we're also off to a Sumo tournament the previous day.

    We're based in Taito City (far north Tokyo) so can those who know the drill and have been to/are in Tokyo already gimme' some pointers on the best way to get to the Nissan/Yokohama stadium? As of right now we have NOT booked any trains and, frankly, I find it all rather confusing. My gut tells me we should book a limo/van and simply travel to the stadium by car rather than train.

    Post-game is it best to head back to Tokyo proper for some beverages or stay in Yokohama? Any recommendations as to bars/restaurants which are NOT tourist traps? We'd prefer the genuine article rather than rubbish such as, for example, Dubliner's chain of Irish pubs .

    Finally, any recommendations as to where, in Tokyo, one should watch the JAP/SCOT match on the Sunday?

    Asking a lot, I know, so many thanks in advance and safe travels to everyone who is making the journey out there.
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