England v India U19 World Cup Semi-Final

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by Coco, Feb 15, 2006.

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    Did anyone else watch any of that today? It was on Sky Sports 1 today. I enjoyed watching it today, so I decided to write a brief report on it.

    England bowled pretty well to begin with, but then towards the end they began to tire and give runs away more easily. I thought that the bowling was pretty boring from a young side - bowling spin for about 35/50 overs. They never really looked like they were going to take wickets and seemed fairly defensive for most of the innings. Nelson bowled well at the beginning of the innings, I don't understand why he only bowled 5 overs - he was the pick of the bolwers in my opinion. White also impressed me with his slow left arm, bowling consistently and not going for many runs. Wicketkeeper John Simpson showed that he has some potential for the future.

    But all credit to the Indian batsmen. They really did well, especially Pujara getting a century after a slow start. He batted like a senior, knowing when to attack and when to defend. Dhiman started off greatly, and I thought he was a bit unlucky to get himself out caught by Hamilton-Brown. If he could have gone on he could probably have helped India to 300+.

    Next onto the England innings. To be frank, they were crap. But to their part, they also had to go out and bat for 20 minutes before lunch and then they had a 45 minute break. So they sort of had play themselves in twice. But, nevertheless they were all out for 58, lasting only 20 overs and 94 minutes. The two opening bowlers were brilliant, extracting pace and bounce from a relatively flat wicket, realising that pace could play a role in the match - something the English captain Moeen Ali didn't. They ripped through the top order with Ahmed claiming 4-14. Bipinbhai bowled well with his offspinners, taking 2-0, and also showing how he can bowl a doosra. Only White managed to break into double figures in the innings.

    Overall, India humiliated England as they crashed out of the U19 World Cup. They were definately the better side and Pujara definately deserved MoM award.

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  3. woosaah

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    this was on as i left for work this morning, just saw eng come out and bat. why did they not slow the overs down? they had 30 minutes to kill they could of just sat down had a drink or something.

    but all out for 58 omg thats terrible, the future of england cricket looks like it is in good hands
  4. Coco

    Coco Guest

    Yep almost as good as our current ODI team.

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